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    Landlords VS Med Marihuanna Cases

    Interesting posts to follow about the medical marihuana debates. In all the 5 years legally MMAR licenced, I personally never had an issue with anything until Ralph,Don and Bill Dykstra disclosed PRIVATE and confidential information to another long time family Read More ...

    Paralegals and what is known as SHARP PRACTICE

    The Human Rights allegations against Paul Smith, Catherine Stewart and Landlord Legal paralegal firm of Barrie, Ontario started in 2013 and proceedings continue at the HRTO as of January 20th 2016, when David Strashin, apparently came on record to represent the LTB paralegal who has represented, and delayed the Dykstra Bros allegations, for the last 3 years, in HRTO, but has not notified the HRTO or involved parties of this fact according to the HRTO Rules of Procedures.

    Walter’s Falls paralegal practices law under several names !

    Catherine Stewart is another disgrace to the LSUC when she practices law under numerous names and knowingly and willingly signs and submits false statements and false evidence, in her own Human Rights allegations filed in 2014. Entering false evidence is a criminal offense as is break and enter. No paralegal is allowed to be present during an illegal act for any reason let alone be a party to it,even after Barrie police warned her it was illegal !!

    Walter’s Falls paralegal and husband file lies and false evidence in HRTO allegations..claims absolute privilege

    Catherine Stewart, a Walter's Falls Ontario paralegal and her husband, Paul Smith, who had Human Rights allegations (HRTO#17699-14) filed against them for violating tenants rights in 2014 used the system to file false testimony and false evidence to circumvent the Read More ...

    Corrupt Barrie Police fail to investigate ex OPP officer Paul Smith for impersonating as Private Investigator and violating tenant Constitutional Rights to privacy !

    When the public and especially tenants in general have issues with violations to their privacy, break and enters and the methods used by their landlords and illegal practices from paralegals such as Catherine Stewart of Walter's Falls & Barrie Ontario, Read More ...

    Is retired OPP officer, Paul T Smith doing illegal searches for Landlord Legal?

    Ex OPP and illegal searches Paul Smith is an alleged 30 year retired Ontario Provincial Police officer from the Meaford area. For a person serving 30 years for the OPP, you would think he would know ALL the laws concerning Read More ...

    Human Rights allegations proceed against Landlord Legal and Paul Smith… Stewart closes Meaford office

    A paralegal firm owned and operated by Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has been in our website news spotlight since May of 2013, when April Stewart was hired to evict a tenant of Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie. The tenant in question had a valid Medical Marihuanna license to possess and grow his own medical marihuana as well as signed permission from the three Dykstra Brothers themselves but was forced to file allegations in Human Rights against Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Donald Dykstra, Catherine April Stewart and her alleged boyfriend,process server and private investigator Paul T Smith when they attempted to evict him from his 40 Ellen Street Barrie Ontario apartment.

    Central Lock and Key of Barrie enter unit illegally to change locks !

              From a story dating back to August 15th 2013th which led to 1)  Several Landlord & Tenant Board tribunal complaints, 2)  A joint submission LTB court order signed by Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal for Read More ...

    Federal Court ruled medical marijuana growers can continue to grow past March 31st 2014 deadline

    Health Canada had also sent out letters with identifying information pertaining to the participants in the MMAP and their association with the Health Canada Medical Access Program and had sent the contact letters through regular mail services instead of private services that were always used for contact prior to the privacy breach. This is the third time Health canada has allegedly violated Federal Privacy Laws.

    The Stewart Solution – A Tenants guide to harassment

    If Stewart manages to evict you from your unit, here are some things you can do to retaliate against her and her landlords for infringing on your tenant's rights. As long as you are the legal tenant on the agreement, all issues concerning the rental unit would go before the Landlord and tenant Board again if you decide to show up for them after the fact.