Coward Catherine April Stewart – Landlord Legal Neglects to mention Human Rights allegation to Canada AM

Read the TENANT side of the story.

Catherine-Stewart-pic1-150x120Pathetically April Stewart, the owner of a small property management company and crooked paralegal service ran out of Barrie Ontario recently appeared August 27th 2016 on a popular morning news show of interest, Canada AM.

Landlord Legal small office between the buildings.Owned by Wendy Kara April Stewart is known to own a small property management company in Barrie Ontario.

Catherine April Stewart is a tiny paralegal firm which offers crooked services for Landlords only, disguised as a property manager, but in reality is a pathetic crooked paralegal who knowingly robs ANY TENANT she encounters of their RIGHTS !! As a property manager.

This pathetic paralegal, Catherine Stewart owes rights to the tenants she manages for her landlord clients.

As a paralegal working for the landlord she gathers all the information she needs and offers NO RIGHTS to the tenant.

The Law Society of Upper Canada needs to investigate the illegal entry and conduct unbecoming a paralegal claims that were brought against her in 2013 when she filed unsubstantiated civil matters on October 22nd 2013 and still pending in Barrie courts today.


Read the Human Rights applicant harassment allegations from Catherine April Stewart of Landlord legal

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Read the BAD FAITH DEAL made by Landlord Legal of Barrie Ontario when April Stewart fails to HONOR AN UNDERTAKING she made for Dykstra Bros electric and made the to get the tenant out and made the tenant waste time and money to take them to small claims court to retrieve the LTB Order she signed.

Read the harassment allegations of the Barrie police for Landlord legal

The story featured the self proclaimed Landlord only rights advocate in a story entitled "Expert warning: Choosing right tenant is "like a marriage,' getting out "just as difficult" Privacy Violators would like to point out there are two sides to the story when it comes to Catherine April Stewart and Landlord legal of 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario.

The story that aired on August 27th 2015 on CTV popular news show did not mention the Human Rights allegations that were brought against this individual, her Dykstra Bros Electric clients and her legal firm.

The story does not mention any references to the tactics taught by April Stewart's seminars she teaches to the landlords, real estate agents and investors to evict the tenant at any cost.

Catherine April Stewart has filed vexatious civil claims against her clients ex tenant who had filed Human Rights allegations against Catheriine Stewart, her landlord clients and her ex OPP boyfriend Paul T Smith.

The CTV news did not get all the facts regarding this person or the rights she violates to be the publicly known Landlord Rights advocate self proclaimed the "terminator"

The Human Rights allegations will proceed on April 21st and April 29th 2016 against theses individuals and the results and evidence will be posted here. Its a shame that Human Rights didnt come into mention

Watch the CTV NewsGo article (4 minutes 13 seconds) with Catherine April Stewart on August 27th 2016 :

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