Barrie Police Officers witness Break and Enter and do nothing !

Cody Robertson-central lock and keyOn August 15th 2014 Catherine April Stewart, a paralegal and property manager out of Walters Falls, Ontario but running a small cubicle office from 117 Bayfield Street, instructed owner of Central Lock and Key, Paul Robertson and his son Cody Robertson to cut a security chain, pick the hand lock and break into 40 Ellen Street Barrie Ontario after Officer Melanie Beard and Officer turner had told her quite adamantly that she did not have the proper paperwork or the right to enter a tenants unit.

Barrie police officer Melanie Beards official police incident report, applied for through the Freedom of Information Act by the tenant is available here that states Catherine Stewart did not have the authority, proper paperwork or the right to break into the tenants unit at 40 Ellen street, Barrie, Ontario : Beard-report-Aug-15th-2014

Barrie police officer Turner official transcribed police incident report from August 15th 2014, applied for through the Barrie policeFreedom of Information act by the tenant is available here that states he told paralegal / property manager Catherine April Stewart she did not have the proper documentation, authority or the right to instruct owner of Barrie's Central Lock and Key,

Paul Robertson and his son Cody Robertson to cut a security chain, pick the hand lock and enter 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ontario, owned by Ralph Dykstra, Donald Dykstra and William Dykstra, owners of the past company Dykstra Bros electric (now Gerard Dykstra Electric of Barrie, Ontario). CST Turner-transcribed

Catherine Stewart, Barrie paralegal working as a property manager and paralegal for the Barrie Slum Lords is quoted as saying in the Barrie police incident report

She (Catherine April Stewart) was adamant. She was going to change the locks and has been doing this job for 13 years and can legally do so and not tell her how to do her job

For over 13 years this paralegal disguised as a property manager has been manipulating the Landlord and tenant Board hearings acting as both the property manager and a paralegal which ids not allowed under the LTB Act 2006. This does not fit the definition of a "Landlord" but she uses the term "Landlord representative" to deceive the LTB courts for the last 15 years when acting as a "Landlord only Rights Advocate" and evicting tenants for her landlord clients.

The Landlord and Tenant Board needs to be aware that Catherine A Stewart has been manipulating the courts and this needs to be addressed and stopped to protect Tenant rights.

We are the new Tenant Rights Advocate bringing the "Sharp Practice" frowned upon by the Law Society, which is a joke in itself, to the public spotlight.

Paralegals like Catherine April Stewart have been known to sign documents in LTB as April Stewart, which is not her legal name but then sign documents or Commissioner of Oath statements as Catherine April Stewart, her real given legal name.

Paul Smith business card from Landlord Legal, Barrie.This paralegal, Catherine April Stewart, manipulates the system using the company name Landlord Legal inc while in the capacity of a paralegal and signs Catherine April Stewart to court documents for her clients as their paralegal.

This paralegal Catherine April Stewart manipulates the court system using the company name Landlord Legal (NO inc at the end) and signs Landlord and Tenant Board documents as April Stewart.

The Law Society Rules say she is in conflict of interest using both capacities to manipulate the LTB board and the business act says she should be signing her legal name of Catherine A Stewart when a paralegal acting under her Landlord Legal inc company name.

This self proclaimed "Landlord Rights Only" Advocate is known to use locksmiths like the one owned by Paul Robertson of Barrie, Ontario, Central Lock and Key to break into tenants units because they have no physical address or brick and mortar store in which to serve legal papers to. If you are facing Paul Robertson, call their mobile number and have paul or Cody come to a vehicle entry or key replacement and serve them when they show for the job. These cowards use many different ways to manipulate the police or the Court system as will be discussed in detail this year.

Catherine A Stewart is also known to use her boyfriend and ex OPP officer, Paul Smith of Walters Falls to enter units to photograph before evicting tenants and signing her Commissioner of Oaths Stamp to statements made by Paul Smith.

Paul Smith is known to act as a process server for the last ten years for his girlfriend and paralegal and is alleged to have given her false documents that she entered into Civil and Human rights Hearings that involved Landlord Legal directly. As an experienced process server Paul Smith should have known when he signed his name to Certificate of services that it is not legally filed until he files his signed statement with the Landlord and tenant Board.

Catherine April Stewart received a Certificate of Service from this ex OPP officer,home inspector,handyman,delivery boy and process server and entered it into evidence for a Human rights Hearing. The North Toronto LTB office had no record of the Certificate of Service he had given his girlfriend when she was defending Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra and Donald Dykstra as a property manager and paralegal.

Paralegal / property Manager..Catherine April Stewart and her ex OPP boyfriend were also named in Human Rights allegations HRTO 17699-14 and the fraudulent documents were also submitted into evidence for their hearing as well as her Dykstra clients.


The Walters Falls resident and Barrie paralegal also refused to take a summons served to the ex cop and her boyfriend Paul Smith when the tenant filed LTB complaints against the "LANDLORD REPRESENTATIVE" as shown above.

You can not trust Landlord legal property manager or Landlord Legal inc paralegal to honor any court ordered agreement. The tenant had to take the paralegal and her clients to Barrie Civil court to retrieve an order issue by LTB Judge Sean Henry that was signed by April Stewart acting as the Dykstra's Legal representative breaking the rules of the LTB Board when she did not fit the Landlord definition as defined by the LTB Act 2006.The order signed by Sean Henry was finally paid by William Dykstra.


about 8 months after the order was agreed to by Catherine April Stewart proving you can not trust any of the Dykstra's and Catherine Stewart no matter what they agree to and sign in court. Please be aware of these tactics constantly used by the Sharp Practices of Landlord Legal while she manipulates the LTB and the Ontario court Systems. Privacy Violators has received many emails of deals made by Catherine Stewart on behalf of her clients and many of the emails received state she did not pay the Court Orders. We will post the additional information we received when the personal Human Rights allegations against this paralegal and the ex OPP officer are discussed in full in our upcoming posts !!

The tenant will take this paralegal back to civil court to waste her time and the Civil courts time to retrieve the Court Ordered payments which she owes and thinks is a joke.

Another Sharp Practice used by abusive paralegals manipulating the legal system for their own gain or her clients gain in our opinion.

Catherine April Stewart has also failed to pay court ordered money when she and her Dykstra clients failed to appear in Barrie Civil Courts and had further lost two motions Catherine April Stewart had brought forward in the civil matters.

Landlord Legal small Barrie office

How can you be a Landlord Rights Advocate when you violate other peoples rights ?



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Landlord Legal of Barrie deals in BAD FAITH..DO NOT TRUST !