City of Barrie investigates complaints against slum lord Rob Scruton and his son for unregistered-unsafe rooming houses

What do you do when you live in an UNSAFE / UNFIT / UNHEALTHY / UNREGISTERED / FIRETRAP and run down "Shit House" in the City of Barrie, Ontario ??

The city of Barrie Property Standards personnel is quoted as saying

We know ALL about Rob Scruton and his properties but have not been able to do anything because the people that file complaints either leave or Rob Scruton evicts them before we can investigate him for the complaint

These are a series of posts following complaints from 3 tenants to the City of Barrie Property Standards division at Cedar Pointe, Barrie, Ontario concerning their serious issues at 223 Dunlop Street West, Barrie, Ontario and what was done about it.

The posts will include many photos of the conditions, stove, fridges (2) and the results of a Health Inspection and City of Barrie Fire Inspection done at this 223 Dunlop Street property in November 2014.

The future follow up posts will include the Landlord & Tenant complaints filed concerning 223 Dunlop Street Barrie Ontario.

There are so many details to this complaint to the city of Barrie from present tenants, claiming that a property at 223 Dunlop Street West, Barrie, Ontario was unsafe and unfit for residency.

The house is owned by an Innisfil man, Rob Scruton and maintained by Rob Scruton and his son Rob jr Scruton.

The allegations that it was not legally registered with the city and was alleged by the present tenants to be another Barrie Slum house that was pretty much run down to the point it was unsafe, unhealthy a fire hazard and unfit for any tenants until major work was done on the house.

Read the details of the Brotted porcharrie Fire Inspection and City of Barrie Property Standards inspection done on 223 Dunlop Street West Barrie Ontario.


Major complaints to the City of Barrie for bedbug issues at 223 Dunlop Street West Barrie ON after the owner Rob Scruton ignores complaints from tenants. Refuses to have professional Pest Control come in to contain the infestation in the 4 units.



  • Documents from the city to be uploaded here soon (waiting on release)
  • City of Barrie fines Rob Scruton $150.00 AGAIN for unregistered house
  • 25 photos of upstairs bathroom area, *toilet going through the floor and *excessive mold and more to be uploaded
  • Many photos of the 2 most disgusting refrigerators you have probably ever seen to be uploaded here soon
  • 100's of photos of front porch overhang to front door EXTREMELY rotted and posing a VERY SERIOUS structural problem to everybody entering the house.
  • What City of Barrie does when it finds unregistered homes used as rooming houses
  • Unregistered Rooming Houses – Canada Revenue Agency follow up story when rooming houses incomes are not reported
  • What do landlords do about Crackheads/Addicts/Drunks/trouble makers – you gotta read this one

The documentation from the tenants, the conversations with City of Barrie Property Standards, Fire department documentation & recommendations and the follow up from the City of Barrie will all be completed soon and updating this story