Cowardly Dykstra Bros Electric fails to notify defendant again !

Superior Court of Justice – #1852-13
DYKSTRA BROS ELECTRIC:Ralph Dykstra,Don Dykstra,Bill Dykstra,Barrie, Ontario VS PRIVACY-VIOLATORS blog

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Dykstra Property, 38 Ellen Street,Barrie






A civil lawsuit #1852-13 that was filed in Superior Court of Justice, Barrie, Ontario by Dykstra Bros Electric, Don Dykstra, Bill Dykstra and Ralph Dykstra and represented by Landlord Legal Inc, Catherine April Stewart against Privacy-Violators blog for its postings on the past court hearings and alleged damage to the rental unit owned by Ralph Dykstra,Bill Dykstra & Don Dykstra, had its first appearance for a "Settlement Conference" today Friday, March 7th 2014 @ 9:30am.

Although Dykstra Bros Electric is the "Plaintiff" in this case, they and their private paralegal representative April C Stewart of Landlord Legal inc. failed to show at the settlement conference this morning in front of Deputy Judge Stabile to represent any of the claims they have brought up against Your Pal Al blog.

Landlord Legal inc. instead chose to send another paralegal T Benny to represent her, claiming her client is out of the country and she is unable to attend the hearing and had alleged she sent a letter to the defendant February 20th 2014 stating so for this hearing date for the civil suit filed against her clients and scheduled for next Friday, March 14th 2014 at this same courthouse.

The March 14th court date is for a "Notice of Examination" for which Bill Dykstra was scheduled to explain why several past court orders to pay the funds they owe from a mediated deal they had made with the tenant in an LTB Tribunal hearing in Barrie,Ontario on July 18th 2013 in which they failed to follow through.

Catherine StewartCatherine Stewart had also sent several threatening correspondences to the Orillia Community Clinic with her opinion that the ex tenant should not be represented by them for the civil suit filed against Dykstra Bros Electric for the "BAD FAITH MEDIATION" that arose from the July 18th 2014 CET 31816-13 & CEL 32321-13 LTB Tribunal mediation that Landlord Legal inc., Catherine Stewart had orchestrated to have the tenant leave the rental unit at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ontario that was owned by her clients, Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra and Don Dykstra.Simply put, these  people have NO HONOR or COMPASSION whatsoever.

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Defendant requested "Costs" from Dykstra Bros Electric & Landlord Legal inc, Catherine Stewart for failing to notify him of her and her clients failure to show and was given costs of $50.00 from Landlord Legal inc and $50.00 from Dykstra Bros Electric  regardless of the outcome of the case.

The ex tenant withdrew the  CET-33911-13 LTB matter, for the alleged illegal entry & illegal lock change complaint that was done by Central Lock and Key of Barrie and was ordered by Landlord Legal,Catherine Stewart & Dykstra Bros Electric, with a year to bring this matter back up in LTB court, to take his case to be heard at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.