Ex OPP officer worked as private investigator for many years, unsanctioned and illegally for Walters Falls paralegal !

oppAn ex Ontario Provincial Police officer, Paul Smith, has been investigated during Human Rights allegations (HRTO #17699-14) that were brought up against Smith, and his paralegal girlfriend, Catherine A Stewart, and has been discovered to be working as a private investigator illegally for landlord legal inc, of Barrie Ontario for many years.

Although Paul Smith did indeed have a private investigators license for over 7 years, Smith was not sanctioned by any private investigator company to work legally as a private investigator, but continued to give signed statements mentioning his PI reports and PI status, as well as being a retired Ontario Provincial Police officer, in sworn statements given to, and signed by his paralegal girlfriend who has a commissioner stamp to do so. One lies and the other swears to it.. very convenient for paralegal, property manager Catherine Stewart when she signs the legal documents to defend her LANDLORD ONLY clients.

Smith would give false evidence, false testimony, and stated whatever, property manager and paralegal girlfriend, Catherine Stewart needed to be sworn and she would protect him from liable suits, Human Rights allegations and criminal actions brought up against him, stating "absolute privilege" while she acts as his paralegal protecting these lies they swear to. Barrie Police officer Det Steeles, refused to investigate the false evidence allegations brought up to him concerning Smith.

Paul Smith was further accused with Catherine Stewart of entering false evidence, which Smith had signed and gave to Stewart for evidence into HRTO #17699-14, which both parties were named in Human Rights application.

Ex OPP officer Smith, was also involved in breaking many more Rules and Procedures for Stewart, in the Human Rights (HRTO#17699-14) allegations brought against Smith and Catherine Stewart when he contacted and delivered legal documents to the Human Rights applicant at an address NOT ON FILE when the applicant had legal council representing him.

The illegal personal contact by ex OPP officer Paul Smith, is against any Court Hearing Rules, as well as the Human Rights rules when legally represented, alarmed the HR applicant and made him afraid of what the pair would do when, consistently and knowingly they both were brazenly breaking laws and rules for their HR allegations against them. Paul Smith has admitted working as a PI and process server for his paralegal girlfriend for over ten years and should know the laws and rules and regulations governing process serving.

The pair have gotten away with tactics like this for a long time and Barrie police office Steele received complaints Barrie policefrom the Human Rights applicant, of these tactics and actions but did not investigate nor act on the complaints. It seems like the Barrie police service also works for Catherine Stewart as well, when they do not investigate legitimate complaints filed against the paralegal for break and enter, entering false evidence and harassment allegations or the ex Ontario Provincial Police officer involved !! We can only assume the Barrie Police and the OPP protect their own when they do not investigate these complaints !!

Human-Rights-DignityHuman Rights Registrar, Richard Hennessy of the Human Rights Tribunal was well aware of the allegations and many more motions brought up by the applicant in HRTO#16799-14, but the mediator, Mary Truemner did not hear any of the motions brought forward, instead this unfair mediator swept it under the rug and refused to hear them !

Further posts concerning the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Registrar, Richard Henessey and mediator Mary Truemner will also be published shortly so the public can learn the Human Rights Tribunal knows the manipulation that goes on during HRTO hearings by lawyers and paralegals and does nothing to stop it.The Human Rights Tribunal in Toronto is a mockery of the justice system and will be discussed in full in further posts to come.

An article detailing "absolute privilege" and the abuse that goes on when paralegals knowingly break the law and rules of procedure during court hearings and get away with it is in the works and will be published soon.

After a long investigation, and many emails received, the stuff that paralegal Catherine Stewart has done in the past, and has gotten away with it, even when the Law Society is aware of the allegations is staggering and the public needs to be aware of the tactics used by a few of these known paralegals, who go to a college training school for one year and bought their licenses and have nothing to lose.

Paul-Smith-home-inspector-card-he-gives-120x80Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart were accused of violating a tenants privacy when Paul Smith, on Stewart's orders, entered the tenants unit owned by Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie, Ontario and proceeded to take photos of every inch of the unit in preparations to evict him. The Landlord and Tenant Board rules do not allow one party to have an advantage over another when preparing for an eviction or an LTB hearing, which makes the photos ineligible to be entered into evidence as LTB Judge Sean Henry states in the May 7th, 2013 transcripts to be published in a future post.

Paralegal and property manager, Catherine Stewart has been accused in the past of breaking into a tenant's home while Barrie police officers, CST Turner and CST Melanie Beard stood by and watched. The Barrie police officers would not charge Catherine Stewart, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra or Donald Dykstra with break and enter although they witnessed it first hand, stating it was a landlord and tenant board matter. Catherine Stewart has been known to give confidential court information to the Barrie police, in the form of a private cell number that was given for court purposes only.

The tenant involved did file a LTB complaint (LTB #33911-13), stating paralegal Catherine Stewart and her landlord clients ordered Barrie's Central Lock and Key owner, Paul Robertson to cut a security chain, pick the lock and enter 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ontario while the Barrie police watched. Barrie Police Constable Melanie Beard was summoned and present for the LTB hearing, as were the locksmiths involved, for the break and enter allegations, but Catherine Stewart neglected to show for the allegations against her, stating she "was out of the country" when witnesses to the contrary were available.

Ex OPP officer, Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart, both of Walters Falls, Ontario have been known in the past to use Smiths' ex OPP status and his illegal private investigator license to influence the Landlord and Tenant Board hearings that paralegal, Catherine Stewart, takes on defending Landlords only.Smith was also involved in Privacy Commissioner complaints against Stewart where he gave statements claiming he was a licensed PI working for Smith when he entered and took 100's of photos of a tenants unit prior to Stewart preparing for a forced eviction hearing.

a href="https://privacy-violators.com/general-reading/paralegals-and-what-is-known-as-sharp-practice/attachment/catherine-stewart-pic-150×120-2/" rel="attachment wp-att-780">Catherine-StewartParalegal Catherine Stewart is known online, to be the "self proclaimed" terminator and has gone as far as threatening the applicant of the Human Rights application. publicly on her property management website which can be viewed here at, http://www.landlordlegal.ca.

The paralegal / property manager hides behind online applications on her website to screen clients and has signs posted on a door at her little cubicle office located at 117 Bayfield Street stating No Tenants allowed but she is a property manager. Figure that one out, a property manager that wants no contact with the tenants on behalf of her landlord clients.. that says a lot of her intentions and tactics !!

There have been many posts alleging the privacy violations done, false evidence submitted, false testimony submitted, and the many laws, and rules and regulations that Catherine Stewart has been known to commit while manipulating rules and hiding behind her landlord only advocate role.

This Tenant ONLY rights advocate will continue to warn the public and file Law Society complaints against this paralegal for her conflict of interest while working as both a paralegal and property manager and bring the truth behind her break ins, false evidence and manipulation Stewart and her Toronto lawyer and friend David Strashin allows for Stewart's Human Rights hearing and her landlord only clients.More complaints are to be filed with the Law Society concerning Catherine A Stewart aka Barrie property manager April Stewart.

Any tenant who goes against Catherine Stewart in LTB, should be aware that Catherine April Stewart is not legally allowed to represent landlords in LTB hearings as both a paralegal and a property manager and should make the Judge at the LTB hearing aware of the conflict of interest she is in when she does not fit the definition of a "Landlord" but references herself as a "Landlord representative" in any court documents and signs them as April Stewart, which is not her legal name !!

The upcoming series we have titled the "Stewart Solution" will give other tenant's ideas and alternatives when dealing with landlord problems and the manipulation of the self proclaimed "terminator" which is known in our court system, costly for the tenants wastes police services time and money, and the courts time, which could be dealing with real paralegals interested in furthering justice, not manipulating it and hiding behind this false title and status.

Howard Tavroges, accused of giving client privileged information to Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal,Barrie.Howard Tavroges is another paralegal accused of giving confidential client information to Catherine Stewart during the Civil court hearings and Human rights allegations.

Howard Tavroges is known to work at the Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board representing on behalf of C A Stewart or April Stewart as she commonly flips back and forth on the names, and her business roles, on many occasions.

Tavroges is well aware of the tactics used by his new employer and even signed the LTB agreement on behalf of this involved tenant client, with C A Stewart which was not honored by Stewart or the Dykstra bros and forced the tenant to file a civil case to retrieve the funds.It took 9 months but the Barrie slum lords did eventually pay the LTB Sean Henry court order they agreed to !!