Human Rights allegations filed against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and Paul T Smith for discrimination against tenant Medical Marihuana grower

Catherine StewartA Human Rights application was filed May 2014 by the ex tenant, against Catherine April Stewart of Landlord legal inc, acting agent and alleged boyfriend, 30 yr retired OPP Officer, process server and personal private investigator Paul Smith, for allegedly breaching  the Human Rights Code, discriminating against him when they illegally evicted the tenant for allegedly growing more plants than they figured he was entitled and licensed for.

Law Society complaints have been filed by the ex tenant against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and her associate Howard Tavroges for CONFLICT OF INTEREST, RELEASING PRIVATE CONFIDENTIAL information allegations when  Howard Tavroges represented the tenant in several LTB matters, including the mediated agreement she failed to honor July 18th 2013, and represents Landlord Legal in many LTB Tribunal matters on her companies behalf.

LTB matters that Howard Tavroges represented for Landlord legal inc from July 2013 to Jan 2016 were recorded to send to the LSUC showing Tavroges worked for, and released private information to Catherine Stewart while Stewart proceeded in Superior Court against the tenant.

Howard Tavroges in May,June,July of 2013 had been a LTB paralegal with the Orillia Community Legal Clinic and had talked with and represented the tenant in Howard Tavroges2LTB proceedings, also signed the LTB Joint Submission Order, against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal inc,Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric. The tenant had to take Catherine Stewart and her Dykstra Bros clients to civil court to retrieve the LTB Order that Catherine Stewart personally signed the UNDERTAKING for her Dykstra clients.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) received an application that was filed back in December 2013 from an ex tenant against Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie, Ontario concerning alleged medical marihuana privacy violations and discriminating against the tenant when they insist he only grows four plants when licensed for many more than they want him to grow.

Human-RightsThe Human Rights claim is for discriminating against him for not allowing him to grow more than four (4) plants when he was licensed for an excess of that amount and was growing within his given license requirements legally. It is also states claims of Medical Marihuana Access Program privacy violation issues plus threats of reprisal, acts of reprisal, harassment and the illegal reasons stated in the N5 that Stewart attempt to evict him on un Constitutional grounds.

The court hearings between the tenant and Dykstra Bros electric started back in May 2013 when the tenant had taken the landlords, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra to the Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board tribunal for discussing private, confidential Health Canada Medical Marihuana Access program information with their very long time family friend and tenant, Nancy Groves.

LTB Judge Sean Henry heard the case in and determined the landlords did discuss confidential information with tenant & their longtime friend Nancy Groves (aka Nancy Aikens) on or about March 27th 2013. Read further details from the May 7th hearing here: Barrie Dykstra Bros Electric vs Tenant Privacy

The LTB tribunal hearings did not end in May between the tenant and Dykstra Bros Electric with a simple apology.Nooooo !!

Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric, hire Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc on May 13th to evict the tenant.

Ralph DykstraDonald DykstraWilliam Dykstra47-year-old April Stewart is known as the "Terminator" when it comes to evicting troublesome tenants. The founder of Landlord Legal has been working for 15 years, investigating landlord claims and representing them in court.





On May 23rd 2013, Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal or one of her agents posted a letter on behalf of her clients, the Dykstras, openly displaying private and confidential Medical Marihuana Access Program (MMAP) information concerning the tenant along with a "24 hour Intent to Enter" notice.The letter further demanded the tenant produce MMAP license information to her agent that was to perform the "Routine Maintenance" as she claimed in the 24 hour the intent to enter notice.

Paul Smith, alleged boyfriend and acting agent for Dykstra Bros entered 40 Ellen Street, Barrie for the notice, though a letter was given to Landlord Legal at their Barrie office located at, 117 Bayfield Street, the same morning as receiving her notice and revealing letter explaining a birthday party was already scheduled.

Read further details on the "Routine Maintenance" that turned into a full blown inspection with 100's of photos being taken, many of personal and private documents, information belonging to the tenant. The inspection was done in spite of the tenants birthday party and in front of the tenants remaining guests from the scheduled birthday party. These actions led to a Privacy Commissioner of Canada complaint later handled by Cristine Derenzis from that office.Read the details of the entry and further allegations brought forth by the ex tenant of Dykstra Bros Electric company from Barrie Ontario.  : Landlords "Intent to Enter" & Your Privacy

The tenant filed another LTB hearing CET #31816-13 against Dykstras and their agent for harassment and disclosing the confidential MMAP information and had a June 27th hearing date set to hear the complaint.

Landlord Legal small office in BarrieCatherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc had sent a DO NOT CONTACT her or her clients or TRESPASS on the properties of Landlord Legal inc and her clients, the Dykstra brothers, to the Community Legal clinic in Orillia, Ontario

Stewart refused to provide copies to the tenant of the "Routine Maintenance", inspection report or copies of the photos that her acting agent Paul smith had taken may 24th 2013 in written or email requests.

Coward paralegal Catherine Stewart, sole owner of Landlord Legal inc refuses the LTB court summons,even from attending Barrie police officers, whom she had called on the tenant, on false pretenses, for her alleged boyfriend and agent,private investigator,process server and ex OPP officer Paul T Smith while attempting to serve the summons to Landlord Legal paralegal office on Bayfield Street, Barrie,Ontario.A follow up story to the Barrie police harassment allegations from the Dykstra Bros Electric ex tenant in relation to Smith sgt status before he retired from service and went to work as an acting agent for the paralegal firm landlord legal inc,Barrie,Meaford offices.

Crooked paralegal Catherine Stewart does not fill out the N5 properly identifying other hearings, past or present that were related to her application and before the Landlord & Tenant Board tribunal. The tenant had a previous hearing related to her N5 application, but not noted properly on the LTB forms. Landlord Legal owner Catherine Stewart was quoted as saying "I have 13 yrs experience, don't tell me how to do my job" to Barrie police Aug 15th 2013.

Stewart files an N5 " Notice of Early Termination" on grounds the tenant would not produce the Health Canada MMAP information she demanded in her letter and refused to give an un blocked copy to Paul Smith, who asked for the license information without any authority to do so and in front of the tenants guests. The tenant was posting all of his LTB hearing information following his adventures through Landlord and Tenant tribunal complaints against the paralegal and her clients and Stewart wanted the postings stopped and this website shut down.

The LTB matter is mediated by LTB mediator Dawn Lewis, Community Legal clinic paralegal Howard Tavroges ( NO LONGER WITH ORILLIA LEGAL CLINIC, though his current Upper Law Society of Canada profile still shows the Legal Clinic phone number and fax) theorig-mediation-agreement tenant and Catherine Stewart.

The mediated agreement order was to return last months rent and tenant would voluntarily move out on August 15th 2013 to file his Human Rights claim in peace and his living environment was already poisoned from the Dykstras revealing his confidential MMAP information.

** On move out day, August 15th 2013, Catherine Stewart of landlord Legal and her clients were present at the tenants 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario residence and called Barrie police on false pretenses to the unit to watch Catherine Stewart and her clients instruct Central Lock & Key of Barrie to break the front door lock, cut the security chain and enter the unit to change the locks.

** Did we mention that the tenant was moving out already voluntarily and had a court order that instructed Landlord Legal to apply for a Sheriffs order if not vacated as per agreement. Ralph Dykstra,Donald Dykstra and William (Bill) Dykstra corporation owners of Dykstra Bros Electric did not want to honor the agreement they made in LTB court July 18th 2013 and signed by Catherine Stewart with full authority to do so from William Dykstra, the only one of the Dykstra brothers that were present in court.

No Walk through on August 15th 2013 !  No Rent Returned On VacancyNo intention of honouring July 18th LTB Order !

Read details on the BAD Mediation post here : Landlord Legal/Dykstra Bros Electric Mediate in BAD Faith

The tenant files another LTB complaint CET #33911-13 against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal and Dykstra Bros Electric for harassment and the illegal entry and lock removal incident on August 15th 2013

Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal inc and her clients FAIL TO APPEAR for the hearing date set and DOES NOT NOTIFY the tenant, summoned witnesses or the LTB courts before the hearing.

Barrie police officer M Beard was summoned and present for the hearing as was Central Lock & Key owner and his employee and another witness that was in the unit at the time they forced themselves into the unit without proper documentation to do so.

Stewart sends another paralegal to claim she is out of the country and the judge orders Stewart prove he claim when the hearing is rescheduled again.

The tenant has pendingCentral Lock-and Key Barrie court actions against the crooked Central Lock & Key company for the break & enter and the Barrie Police department for the tenants rights being violated as they stood by and watched knowing Catherine Stewart did not have any legal documentation for what she instructed the locksmith to do.Another Upper Law Society complaint was filed against C A Stewart of Landlord Legal for her presence at 40 Ellen Street on August 15th 2013 and her instructions to the police and the locksmith.

The tenant has also written the Upper Law Society of Canada over paralegal, Howard Tavroges involvement with Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal in LTB tribunals in Barrie at the same time as the tenant is suing her clients for the agreement he had initially made with her on his behalf.

** Concerns and allegations of past Orillia Legal Clinic, paralegal Howard Tavroges, divulging client privileged information to Catherine Stewart during the launching of the civil suits Stewart & Dykstra Bros Electric filed against the ODSP recipient and Howard Tavroges alleged to have released client informationex tenant had arisen when Stewart used the information to contact the Orillia Community Legal clinic with threatening letters over alleged websites that were discussed in confidential discussions with Howard Tavroges and Orillia Legal Clinic director Michael Hefferon,tenant and involved parties, directly in LTB matters in May & June of 2013.The tenant asks for minutes from the meeting to be provided as recording device was not allowed in this confidential discussion of the tenants right to grow medical marihuanna and the LTB process ahead of him and did receive the information he requested.


** Catherine Stewart also filed a civil lawsuit against the tenant over one of the alleged websites, without any documentation to prove who owned it.

A minimum fine of $25,000 and a year suspension if the tenants ULSC complaints are heard and Stewart found guilty of his claim.

"I have thirteen years experience and know my job" ~ Crooked paralegal Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal tells Barrie police officers M Beard & Cst Turner

C A Stewart and William Dykstra tell the attending Barrie police officers M Beard and Turner that Stewart had received an email from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada stating the tenant had contacted them and had vacated days before.

Landlord legal inc and William Dykstra could not produce the alleged email they claimed, they walked away when it was requested from the tenant.
** The tenant had earlier conversation that morning with C A Stewarts office to arrange the walk through and receive the last months rent.
** Owners of Dykstra Bros Electric and C A Stewart never had intentions of honoring the agreement they made on July 15th 2013 in LTB tribunal.
** The ex-tenant files civil case SCC #1546-13 in Aug/2013 to retrieve owed funds from Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie,Ontario.

** The tenant finally receives the owed funds in May 2014, after Dykstra Bros Electric and Landlord Legal knowingly waste Civil Courts time, Orillia Legal Clinics time & resources plus the ODSP recipients time & money for many months, attempting the owed LTB ORDER they had willingly signed, for the order.

** Be sure to read the follow up posts to the end of the civil hearings where Stewart and Dykstra Bros electric finally concede and pay the tenant the money owed from the Sean Henry LTB Order after many efforts and motions not to do so.

The tenant withdraws his CET #33911-13 application and includes the August 15th 2013 illegal entry and lock removal incident in his HRTO  applications against Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal and her clients Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric.

Catherine Stewart filed two (2) civil cases in Barrie courts in November 2013, SCC #1851-13 & SCC #1852-13, against the tenant to attempt to have this website shut down or at the very least have the posts removed and claimed $5000 in property damages, although Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal made a call to the Barrie police under false pretenses and had Central lock & Key illegally enter the unit and the locks were removed and never replaced.

Catherine Stewart, of Landlord Legal inc soon learned that she was in the wrong court room to have this website shut down but continued in civil court for many,many months to detain the HRTO application and the Law Society complaints filed against her clients and her Barrie and Meaford paralegal firm offices,Landlord Legal inc !!!

Stewart requested to withdraw her previous two (2) lawsuits when the tenant had asked for motions to be heard on the matter on May 27th 2014 and received permission to file a counter suit against Catherine Stewart and her clients Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Don Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric.

Read further details on Catherine Stewarts SCC #1851-13 civil court claim here : Landlord Legal – Catherine Stewart VS Privacy-Violators

Read further details on Dykstras SCC #1852-13 civil court claim here : Ralph Dykstra,Don Dykstra & Bill Dykstra VS Your Pal Al Website

We will continue to update all the past LTB hearings with the details, the pending Human Rights cases against Landlord Legal and her clients and the Upper Law Society complaints as they compiled.

Paralegals and Lawyers should not or should know NOT TO THREATEN parties they are involved in proceedings against with CRIMINAL ARREST, FURTHER LEGAL THREATS or any kind of threat meant to harm the other party or to delay, coerce or influence the proceedings they are involved in.

Landlord Legal has openly threatened an ex tenant with criminal charges on her Landlord legal website while Human Rights/Civil allegations pending ( DEC 2015 to Jan 22nd 2016) of her paralegal firm, alleged boyfriend and Dykstra Bros electric owners allegedly have been defending alleged discrimination against the Human Rights of the tenant.

Catherine Stewart of landlord legals website

Images showing the serious threats to the ex tenant, Tenant Rights Applicant and the Human Rights Applicant made from the owner, Catherine April Stewart,for Landlord Legal inc publicly advertised paralegal services website threatening CRIMINAL CHARGES after numerous unsubstantiated and FALSE ALLEGATIONS made to the Barrie Police..

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know not to create "CONFLICT of INTEREST" and if so, to remove themselves from ALL legal proceedings they are directly involved in.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are to advise clients and not act illegally for the clients they represent.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are not allowed to be present at or participate in illegal acts like break ins or illegal lock changes.


New stories of the Barrie Police officers involvement and the reasons for their contact of the Dykstra Bros Electric ex tenant , who allegedly harassed the ex tenant on behalf of ex OPP officer Paul T Smith and his alleged longtime girlfriend and propertyBarrie police management company owner and paralegal April Catherine Stewart while the tenant was in various courts against them.All Freedom Of Information requests for the incidents have been applied for from the Barrie Police and will be posted as soon as all police matters are compiled and released to, at the appropriate time concluding certain matters before the Ontario courts.

Do Barrie police play favorites and harass the ex tenant ?? the article and decide for yourself the level of their involvement and false calls by April Stewart of Landlord Legal repeatedly unsubstantiated claims.