Human Rights allegations proceed against crooked Landlord Legal and Paul Smith… Stewart closes Meaford office

Catherine StewartA paralegal firm owned and operated by Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has been in our website news since May of 2013, when April Stewart of landlord Legal inc was hired to evict a tenant of Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie.

The tenant in question had a valid Medical Marihuanna license to possess and grow his own medical marihuana as well as signed permission from the three Dykstra Brothers themselves but was forced to file allegations in Human Rights against Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Donald Dykstra, Catherine April Stewart and her alleged boyfriend,process server and private investigator Paul T Smith when they attempted to evict him from his 40 Ellen Street Barrie Ontario apartment.

Landlord Legal inc had moved her files and set up another office at 44 Sykes Street N Meaford, Ontario with the help of her alleged boyfriend, retired OPP officer, process server and private investigator Paul T Smith, in June of 2013, but recently closed her Meaford office in June 2015 with the allegations against her and Paul Smith in Human Rights.

optometrist office,Meaford

Landlord Legal now runs her small paralegal firm from her home in Walter's Falls and a small Barrie office located at 117 Bayfield Street Suite 101 located in the alleyway connection between the two buildings.

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Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal failed to notify the Human Rights Tribunal of the office closing as per the Rules of Procedure during the proceeding.The tenant had notified the HRTO of the fact when he had tried to serve legal documents to the address on file and discovered it was closed.After talking with other commercial business close to her closed office, the process server discovered it was closed in June 2014, one year after she opened in Meaford,Ontario.

Read the past stories of the missed LTB Tribunal Hearings, civil hearings,and serious interference with a "fair trial" allegations against April Stewart of Landlord Legal, Paul Smith and her clients, Dykstra Bros Electric.

The ex tenant still has many pending complaints filed against this paralegal and her firm with the Law Society of Upper Canada , Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (pending) since she started representing Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie from May 2013 to present to evict the tenant.

William Dykstra
William Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric,Barrie.
Ralph Dykstra of Dykstra Bros ElectricDonald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric.Nancy-Groves (Aikens)Nancy Aikens mother







Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dyksytra, past owners of Dykstra Bros Electric, will face a Human Rights Hearing that has been rescheduled for January 20th 2016, after a previous hearing date was delayed and a summary hearing was requested.

Catherine Stewart

Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc and Paul T Smith have also had a summary hearing completed and the involved parties are presently awaiting dates from the Human Rights Tribunal for the hearing to be heard.

Other allegations or allegations of attempts at blocking justice in the past, against owner Catherine A Stewart of Landlord Legal inc has been,

  • allegations of illegal lock change – witnessed by Barrie police
  • allegations of illegal entry- witnessed by Barrie police
  • Catherine Stewart Breached May 7th 2013 LTB court order when she personally signed it, forcing ODSP tenant to take civil action to obtain the funds un neccessarily wasting many days of courts / tenants time and money,to do so,acting in bad faith deliberately.
  • Court orders never paid to ODSP ex tenant – FAILED TO SHOW at Settlement Conferences and several motions
  • Paul T Smith – private investigator * illegal privacy invasion, searches and photos
  • Allegations of privacy violations,tenants personal information and property photographed top to bottom by Paul Smith
  • "Cease and Desist" letters from disgraced paralegal Diana Smith & Landlord Legal inc office – never a "court ordered" document
  • "Do not trespass" letter -117 Bayfield St  #101 Barrie & old Meaford Ont. 44 Sykes Street North business addresses
  • "Do not trespass" letter – Dykstra's commercial plaza or residential properties or businesses – no court orders for either
  • Placing Paul Smith on witness stand – WHEN NOT ON THE WITNESS LIST
  • Placing Paul Smith on witness stand – WHEN NO "WILL SAY" PROVIDED BEFORE TRIAL
  • Paul Smith lying on the stand in the Barrie civil trial for her Dykstra clients defense
  • Interfering with a criminal investigation when she allegedly paid Rob Scruton to be a witness and for the FALSE evidence she introduced against the rules & procedures in the Dykstra Bros Electric civil trial SCC #1852-13.
  • Allegations of entering false evidence and statements brought against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and Paul T Smith in Human Rights.
  • Serving the tenant directly with a NO TRESPASS letter at his residence by Paul Smith, which was NOT ON FILE with the courts.. and while he had legal council representing him and Human Rights allegations against Smith & Stewart.
  • Several false police reports filed by C A Stewart against the Barrie tenant exercising his rights on Human Rights
  • Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal BREACHED A COURT ORDER that she had previously motioned for,when she emailed the ex tenant on June 11th 2015 against the judges instructions, and used Paul T Smith in capacities that cite UN PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT ALLEGATIONS
  • Catherine Stewart delayed her civil allegations since October 2013 against Your Pal Al blog with NO INTENTION of challenging in a higher court as she claimed in a motion she put forward while breaking rules and procedures in the Superior Court of Canada to get her motion heard.

and many other allegations to the Law Society that will be brought up as the Human Rights hearings are completed.

An "ORDER DURING A PROCEEDING" has been requested and submitted to the Registrar in the HUMAN RIGHTS ALLEGATIONS for Paul Smith and Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc to PROVE the existence of documents Stewart has claimed to have filed with the Toronto Landlord & Tenant Board, North office back in May 2013.

Allegations of entering false testimony and evidence arose during the Dykstra civil trial, as well as the Human Rights during a summary phone conference with Paul Smith and Catherine Stewart when they submitted a "certificate of service" from the May 2013 "intent to enter" into their response to the Human Rights allegations against them.The Toronto North LTB office supplied copies of ALL files to the tenant, on record for all incidents,including May 2013, but failed to locate the document Landlord Legal provided to the tribunal when tracking documents, to three different departments and three different managers was submitted.

As of August 15th, 2015, Landlord Legal inc has not provided the proof requested but stated in an email to the Registrar, they would provide proof if directed by him to do so. There has been NO movement on this serious allegation of entering false evidence and statements into a court hearing or tribunal.

The Law Society has also been requested previously by the ex tenant to investigate the false evidence allegations, the illegal lock removal and entry by Dykstra's and their representative C A Stewart of Landlord Legal inc of Barrie as well as a dozen more allegations of un professional conduct, breach of an order and numerous civility complaints .

Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith first claimed the existence of the alleged documents during his testimony on the stand at the Dykstra civil trial when Stewart placed him there without disclosure, without proper will says or PAUL T SMITH name on the proposed witness list.




Landlord Legal has of September 2015, not informed the Human Rights Tribunal of the changes in her business address for the representation of her clients, Dykstra Bros Electric set for a hearing on January 20th 2016 or for the Human Rights allegations brought against Paul Smith and herself which is still awaiting a hearing date.There has been a long history of allegations of harassment , un necessary court delays, several abuses of the court system and many other allegations that are still pending and awaiting investigation.

C A Stewart contacted the Law Society claiming there are pending court actions involving herself and the tenant which has stalled the allegations into being investigated.It has been 2 years since this was filed in Barrie Civil Courts on October 22nd 2015 and the case of Stewart vs Ross has yet to have a hearing.

Catherine Stewart has not informed the Law Society of Upper Canada of the pending Human Rights allegations that were filed against her in May of 2014 and now pending for a hearing January 20th 2016. The paralegal was also involved with a Landlord and Tenant hearing in September 2013 along with her Dykstra clients allegations of illegal entry and illegal lock change but did not show for the hearing sending another paralegal, stating she was out of the country but FAILED TO NOTIFY THE OTHER PARTY OR PROVE HER CLAIM.

To date, Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal has filed numerous FALSE ALLEGATIONS with the Barrie police concerning the ex tenant, all to be listed with the related video from the Barrie detective Sgt Steele investigation and all the incident reports from the involved Barrie Police officers and Landlord Legal inc., in another related upcoming posting.

The BBarrie policearrie police have numerous times REFUSED the ex tenant to file CRIMINAL HARASSMENT CHARGES against this paralegal after he tried several times to file complaints against her for the numerous false reports she has continued to file. A further complaint to the Law Society is still pending on these harassment grounds, as she was well aware the allegations were false and of the pending civil and Human Rights hearings with this ex tenant she was and is still involved in.

The Barrie Civil Courts have continued to ignore this citizens rights when on July 11th 2014, the tenant motioned for a speedy trial,the civil court has also prejudiced and ignored the rights of this individual when it stripped his rights to serve legal documents in ways addressed in the Rules of Civil Court Procedures and ordered that documents only be served by email without probable cause or justifying its reasons.

Judge Kalowski further breached the Rules of Civil Procedures when he took Catherine April Stewart into his chambers after a scheduled motion without the other side being present, stating "it was on an unrelated matter", but Catherine April Stewart stated in court on that day "it was her first time in Civil court", again showing the prejudice of Judge Kalwoski and the Barrie courts.

A pending complaint to the Law Society to investigate the allegations of civil court Judge Kalwoskis breaches of the rules and discrimination and violation of his rights towards the Barrie citizen.Transcripts of that Motion Hearing will be presented to the Law Society for an investigation into these allegations.


Any disgruntled parties that have any additional information you would like to pass on concerning, Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal inc, private investigator & retired police officer Paul T Smith or Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra, Donald Dykstra of the Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie, we would love to hear more from you.

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