Coward Paralegal, threatened Human Rights Applicant with “Criminal Charges” on her paralegal website !

Catherine StewartA licensed member of the Law Society of Canada, Catherine April Stewart LSUC #P00985, owner of Landlord legal inc has openly threatened to have criminal charges brought against a party that has filed Human Rights allegations against her paralegal firm, LANDLORD LEGAL inc and her Dykstra Bros Electric, Ralph, Donald and William Dykstra clients.

The person referred to has been in, or is still pending with legal matters in Landlord & Tenant Board, Superior Court Canada for civil, Human Rights, and pending Supreme Court of Canada proceedings with parties mentioned throughout the posts on blog. Bookmark us and share our articles.

Law Society Upper Canada
Rule 2
2.01 (1) A paralegal has a duty to provide legal services and discharge all responsibilities to clients, tribunals, the public and other members of the legal professions honourably and with integrity.
(2) A paralegal has a duty to uphold the standards and reputation of the
paralegal profession and to assist in the advancement of its goals, organizations and institutions.
(3) A paralegal shall be courteous and civil, and shall act in good faith with all persons with whom he or she has dealings in the course of his or her practice.
2.02 (1)A paralegal shall fulfill every undertaking given and shall not give an undertaking that cannot be fulfilled.

(2) Except in exceptional circumstances, a paralegal shall give his or her undertaking in writing or confirm it in writing as soon as practicable after giving it.

(3) Unless clearly stated in the undertaking, a paralegal’s undertaking is a personal promise and it is his or her personal responsibility.

(4) A paralegal shall honor every trust condition once accepted.

RULE 4: Advocacy
duty to clients, tribunals and others, disclosure of documents, interviewing witnesses, communication with witnesses giving testimony, the paralegal as witness and dealing with unrepresented persons

Outside Interests and Public Office
(4) A paralegal who engages in another profession, business, occupation or other outside interest or who holds public office concurrently with the provision of legal services, shall not allow the outside interest or public office to jeopardize the paralegal’s integrity, independence, or competence.
(5) A paralegal shall not allow involvement in an outside interest or public office to impair the exercise of his or her independent judgment on behalf of a client.

(1) A paralegal shall fulfill every undertaking given and shall not give an undertaking that cannot be fulfilled.
(2) Except in exceptional circumstances, a paralegal shall give his or her undertaking in writing or confirm it in writing as soon as practicable after giving it.
(3) Unless clearly stated in the undertaking, a paralegal’s undertaking is a personal promise and it is his or her personal responsibility.
(4) A paralegal shall honor every trust condition once accepted.

RULE 7: Duty to Licensees and Others – duty to act with courtesy and good faith

RULE 8: Practice Management – general obligations, marketing, advertising and insurance

RULE 9: Responsibility to the Law Society – communications from the Law Society, duties to report, professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming a paralegal

The Law Society has never been notified by paralegal Catherine Stewart, owner of Landlord legal inc, that allegations of illegal entry and illegal lock change had been brought against this paralegal Aug 2013 in Barrie LTB court, by the HR applicant and NONE of the accused showed for the hearing in Sept 2013.

The Law Society has not been notified by Landlord Legal inc that there has been pending Human Rights allegations against her legal firm since May 2014, and is now including a pending amendment for allegations of personal Human Rights breaches.

The Human Rights (HR) Applicant has a pending claim and allegedly added Catherine April Stewart as a pending personal Respondent to the alleged HR discrimination allegations brought up by an ex tenant of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie, Ontario.

Legal documents were delivered Aug 11 2015 to the Respondents address on file for pending Human Rights proceedings against her clients and her legal firm, located at 117 Bayfield Street Barrie, Ontario when Catherine April Stewart tried AGAIN, to have the Applicant charged, for trespassing, or whatever the police would be willing to charge him with from her allegations !!

The Barrie Police officer in question, harassed the ex tenant further, when he called the Human Rights applicants, personal cell number.

The officer demanded that the Human Rights Applicant come into the police station, again forBarrie police questioning, the Applicant told him "NO FUCKING WAY" and told him to stop calling the cell number, stop harassing him and talk to Mr Graves, the person who delivered the legal documents if he had a problem.The phone number was changed because of the constant harassment and demands of the Barrie police from these harassing and vexatious complaints.

Another false allegation to the Barrie police involved Detective Cst Steele, in which he called the Human Rights Applicants cell phone as well and THREATENED to have a WARRANT ISSUED if he did not turn himself into Barrie Police.

The allegations of Howard Tavroges and Catherine Stewart stemming from the HR applicant ATTENDING a public and open forum Landlord and tenant Board courtroom, to obtain FURTHER PROOF of Howards Tavroges conflict of interest allegations, releasing private and privileged information allegations, to Landlord Legal inc, while he had signed working as a representative for Orillia Legal Clinic,in a paralegal capacity for the ex tenant.
Tavroges signed the joint agreement with Ms Stewart on July 18th 2013 for an LTB Order, which she made the tenant fight her firm in Superior Court to retrieve monies owed, while Mr Tavroges had been or was representing Landlord Legal inc, in LTB matters at the same time legal proceedings connected were pending in 2013 and 2014, and still pending in 2016.

" It was a hiccup of the law " ~ Quote by Barrie police detective Steele, after calling his cell number given to him from Stewarts files, and threatening a warrant for the arrest of the Human rights Applicants, after receiving complaints and further vexatious and harassing allegations from C A Stewart & Howard Tavroges.

Detective Steeles as a police officer, C A Stewart and H Tavroges as licensed paralegals, should have known or aught to known, Human rights Codes, the Criminal Code of Canada as well as, RTA 2006,LSUC Rules of Conduct, Rules of Procedures for proceedings and all other RIGHTS of the HR Applicant.

Other alleged police contact, threats and harassment will be posted on Your Pal Al website, when ALL the requested freedom of Information documents, video recordings and incident reports are collected.

Stewart and Tavroges as paralegals should have known or aught to have known the LTB Tribunal was an open and public forum for EVERYBODY, and as such the Applicant can attend whenever he feels the need to watch justice in action or whatever other reason he chooses to do so.

C A Stewart should have known or aught to have known not to obstruct legal methods of delivering legal documents and would probably not be served as often, in front of her colleges and peers, at the Landlord and Tenant Board Tribunal courtroom, located on the 2nd floor of 34 Simcoe Street, Barrie Ontario, Canada.

Landlord Legal small Barrie office


The documents were hand delivered to the legal office of Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc, by a Mr B Graves, and not the involved party, though he had the right according to the Rules of Procedures to do so, when Stewart called the Barrie police again, this time, Cst Bareo (not sure of name spelling, but will be checking, when freedom of information and incident report requests are completed for ALL the incidents.)


Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric ltd / Paul T Smith / Catherine A Stewart / Landlord legal inc are ALL Respondents to the Human rights allegations, and have claimed to have hired Toronto based David Strashin, Sept 2015 to represent ALL parties, after paralegal Catherine A Stewart has represented involved parties since May 15th 2013, and alleged to have seriously delayed legal proceedings deliberately.

David Strashin has NOT FOLLOWED the Rules of Procedures for the HRTO 16250-13 (Dykstra Bros Electric) & HRTO 17699-14 (Landlord Legal inc / C A Stewart / Paul Smith). David Strashin is known to have other past business references, or relationships from 2011, with Landlord Legal as mentioned on the paralegals website on "In the News" category on, Hoarding Tenants.

The owner of Landlord legal inc, paralegal Catherine Stewart, has called the Barrie police on many unsubstantiated and false allegations against the HR Applicant since May 2013 when she was hired by Ralph Dykstra, Donald Dykstra and William Dykstra.

The property manager Catherine Stewart and her Dykstra Bros are alleged to have illegally entered/altered locks on Aug 15 2013.

Catherine Stewart, Ralph Dykstra, Donald Dykstra and William Dykstra DID NOT SHOW for the tenants rights application CET 33911-13 that accused them of the break in and lock change while the Barrie police watched.

Catherine Stewart calls the Barrie police on FALSE PRETENSES to "KEEP THE PEACE" knowing an LTB ORDER was in place, signed personally by Catherine Stewart ( SEE PARALEGAL RULES OF UNDERTAKINGS) and the tenant had legal possession of his rental unit !!. Officers M Beard and Cst Turner incident reports stating they told Stewart she DID NOT HAVE LEGAL DOCUMENTATION or the RIGHT TO ENTER but Catherine Stewart orders it done anyways !!

The paralegals alleged boyfriend Paul T Smith is also accused of Human rights violations against the past tenant caused when Paul Smith attended 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario in May 2013 to perform duties for Dykstra Bros, and Catherine Stewart.

Paralegals and Lawyers should not or should know NOT TO THREATEN or harass parties they are involved in proceedings against with CRIMINAL ARREST, FURTHER LEGAL THREATS or any kind of threat meant to harm the other party or to delay, coerce or influence the proceedings they are involved in.

47-year-old April Stewart is known as the "Terminator" when it comes to evicting troublesome tenants. The founder of Landlord Legal has been working for 15 years, investigating landlord claims and representing them in court.Landlord Legal inc owner has openly threatened an ex tenant with criminal charges on her Landlord legal website while Human Rights/Civil allegations pending ( DEC 2015 to Jan 22nd 2016) of her paralegal firm, alleged boyfriend and Dykstra Bros electric owners allegedly have been defending alleged discrimination against the Human Rights of the tenant.

Images showing the serious threats to the ex tenant, Tenant Rights Applicant and the Human Rights Applicant made from the owner, Catherine April Stewart,for Landlord Legal inc publicly advertised paralegal services website threatening CRIMINAL CHARGES after numerous unsubstantiated and FALSE ALLEGATIONS made to the Barrie Police.
Read the posts surrounding the Barrie police confrontations and the paralegals attempts to have the Human Rights Applicant charged with anything !!:

Barrie police refuse to charge the paralegal numerous times with the numerous unsubstantiated and false allegations she makes, of the ongoing harassment, allegations of false documents submitted for legal proceedings or for Applicant to press criminal harassment charges for the break in and illegal lock change witnessed by attending police officers and instructing paralegal that she had NO RIGHT or LEGAL DOCUMENT required to enter 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ont on August 15th 2013. when Catherine Stewart and the Dykstras' were present and proceeded to order the locksmith to cut security chain and enter unit illegally.


Catherine Stewart,pathetic owner of Landlord Legal filed civil matters Oct 2013 against the ex tenant, knowing of the pending HUMAN RIGHTS matters, amended the SCC 1851-13 application after a year to a personal claim, being told the matter was in the wrong court and needed to go to a higher court to deal with the publication of legal proceedings against her and her Dykstra Bros Electric company of Barrie clients.

The paralegal website also depicts or has publicized a photo of Nima Wilson, a black female tenant, that was evicted several times and the story of the tenants involvement with the process, further harassing and embarrassing the poor tenant for Catherine Stewart of landlord legals websiteLandlord legal paralegal firms own eviction advertising purposes for LANDLORDS to "EVICT TROUBLED TENANTS"

Catherine Stewart's personal SCC1851-13 allegations are still pending, and public record, as of Feb 2016 and after she filed original claim in Oct 2013 to delay the Law Society complaints and the Human Rights allegations against her alleged boyfriend, her firm and Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie owners'.

The SCC1851-13 civil matter filed by C A Stewart is still pending, as Stewart has taken NO ACTION after being told it was IN THE WRONG court.

Catherine Stewart also claimed she had hired David Strashin to represent her for the higher court in July 2014 but again has not taken any action to further her claims.

The Applicant has claimed his Charter Rights, Fundamental Freedoms 2(b) and will continue to defend the public forums, open court and HR publicized findings in all proceedings he is involved in with Catherine Stewart, Paul T Smith,Ralph Dykstra,Donald Dykstra and William Dykstra.

The paralegal should have informed her clients the LTB, Civil and Human Rights are public forums and public documents to the proceedings and freedom of information requested are public documents as stated on the bottom of the LTB forms and additional forms filed for proceedings and can be used as such.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know not to create "CONFLICT of INTEREST" and if so, to remove themselves from ALL legal proceedings they are directly involved in.

Howard Tavroges alleged to have released client informationHoward Tavroges is accused of releasing paralegal privileged informCatherine Stewartation to owner Catherine Stewart after working for the Orillia Community Legal Clinic and representing the HR applicant during LTB matters for the July 18th 2013 Joint Submission agreement and further working for Landlord legal representing her firm in LTB matters while she fights the LTB ORDER signed by Catherine Stewart and Howard Tavroges.

Paralegals and Lawyers should know or aught to know they are to advise clients and not act illegally for the clients they represent


Section 2(b)
Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication

You have the right to think and believe what you want. You have the right to express those thoughts, without being afraid of being punished or silenced. The Supreme Court of Canada has said these freedoms are important for:

participation in social and political decision-making
the free exchange of ideas

Freedom of the press is essential in a democracy. Newspapers and other media are an important way for people to learn about what is going on and express their ideas.