Meaford Ontario Provincial Police harass citizens for ex OPP officer and phony private investigator

It has come to Privacy Violators website attention, through numerous emails, that a yet unnamed Ontario Police Officer from Meaford has harassed several Canadian citizens instead of investigating known complaints of an ex OPP officer, Paul Smith practicing as a private investigator for several years, while un sanctioned to do so in Ontario.

Ex OPP officer Paul Smith has been known to operate as a process server, a witness and an illegal private investigator for owner and wife, Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal, Barrie, Ontario and is being protected by fellow OPP officers in Meaford, Ontario. Paul Smith business card from Landlord Legal, Barrie.

Paul Smith, along with his paralegal wife, Catherine Stewart have been known to work together in a fake property management firm in Meaford and Barrie, Ontario to evict tenants for their landlord only clients.

Paul Smith has been known to state in courts documents, that he has had a private investigator license for over 6 years but he was not sanctioned by any registered and legal company to operate in this capacity in Ontario Canada.

Smith has been known to give statements in landlord and Tenant board, Civil Court, Human Rights tribunal and to the Privacy commissioner of Canada, which were signed by his paralegal wife stating he was a private investigator working for his pathetic wife, Catherine Stewart's paralegal firm landlordlegal inc.

Stewart has been known to use her commissioner stamp to sign documents she submits from Paul Smith to further her landlord only clients cases she acquires through her phony property management company she runs to manipulate the LTB board when she represents land lords ONLY under the name April Stewart which is not the name on file at the Law Society of Upper Canada to practice law in Ontario.

Stewart's landlord only fake property management company does NOT ALLOW tenants to contact her PM office for any reason, even emergencies. For tenant related emergencies she recommends the tenant email her office which is located in a small cubicle office at 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario.

Stewart is also known to openly harass and threaten a Human Rights applicant when he named Catherine Stewart and Paul Smith in Humam Rights allegations (HRTO Stewart is known to use the fake private investigator status of Paul Smith to enter tenants units and photograph their units illegally against the LTB Act 2006 and the Canadian Constitution which is suppose to guarantee privacy and harassment protection. Landlord-Legal-website-pageThe yet unknown investigating Meaford OPP officer has been well aware of the alleged ex Ontario Provincial Police officer practicing as a illegal private investigator for some time but has neglected to investigate the ex officers false statements, false evidence submissions and illegal practice.

The Meaford OPP have been well known for protecting ex police officers in the past and this seems to be a common practice for any law enforcement officers investigating Paul Smith and his paralegal wife, Catherine Stewart.

New complaints are pending and have been filed again against this Ontario paralegal, Catherine Stewart, with the LSUC for practicing law under several names that are not registered with the Law Society with numerous harassment claims, as well as procedural complaints with Stewart. Paul Smith ignores court summons

Stewart is also alleged to have submitted false statements and false evidence she signed and submitted that had come from Paul Smith, her husband while directly named in Civil Court and Human Rights allegations against the pair.

Ex OPP officer Paul Smith has been alleged to have entered false evidence for his wife Catherine Stewart several times to help her evict tenants for her clients.

We will update these Meaford OPP officers names in future posts concerning this ex OPP officer, Paul Smith and his paralegal wife who continue to work illegally harassing Ontario tenants and Human Rights applicants.



The Meaford Ontario Provincial Police officers, are well aware that paralegal Stewart is alleged to be known to be present during a break and enter allegation at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie Ontario, and that Stewart continually harasses and threatens tenants, and Human Rights applicants who file complaints, on her public website located here  

Agreement signed April Stewart by LSUC paralegal Catherine Stewart Intent to enter for Paul Smith to photograph entire apartment before eviction from his paralegal wife, Catherine Stewart.


Send us your emails concerning any known instances of the Meaford OPP protecting their own officers and failing to investigate them when it comes to ex police officers breaking the laws in Ontario.

Law Society paralegal Catherine Stewart is well known to sign her name as April Stewart in court and then refuses to honor agreements she makes. Catherine Stewart is also known not to pay court orders against her for not showing in court and failing to notify the other parties involved against her.

Catherine Stewart is also alleged to have lied in LTB court in 2013 when she claimed to be out of the country and failed to appear for the break and enter allegations against her, the LSUC has yet investigated the 10 to 15 complaints filed against her with the Law Society.