OPP harass citizens on behalf of retired OPP cop and paralegal girlfriend

oppIt has come to our attention that the Ontario Provincial Police and the Barrie city police are continuing to waste tax payers money and police department time and resources to continue to harass a Canadian citizen who had filed Human Rights complaints against a Barrie paralegal (landlord only advocate) , Catherine April Stewart and her retired Ontario Provincial Police officer boyfriend, Paul T Smith. (HRTO#17699-14).

A phone call from the ex tenant said his friend who had delivered legal documents on his behalf in Aug 2015, to an address that was on file with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for allegations against Catherine Stewart and ex cop Paul Smith was later confronted and interviewed on camera by the Barrie Police when Catherine Stewart tried to have the ex tenant arrested for trespassing.The interview and the attending Barrie police officers notes and incident reports will be obtained, uploaded and discussed when time permits.

It appears the Barrie paralegal who openly threatened the Human Rights applicant on her website, and her boyfriend, a retired ex OPP cop are using the services of the OPP to once again harass the TENANT RIGHTS ADVOCATE and his friends for their own purposes !.

Bobby G was harassed by the Barrie police Aug 2015, from prior false complaints to Barrie police, from Landlord Legal owner, Catherine-StewartCatherine A Stewart (real legal name) and stated to us that he was approached by the OPP May 18th 2016, and interviewed concerning further false allegations by overweight female OPP officer and her male plain clothes OPP partner.The first interview was verbal and after discussing at length in their vehicle approached him again to do a video interview which we will obtain and upload for our readers to view as well.

Bobby G stated he felt that he was being harassed by the OPP as well when all he did was deliver legal documents to 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie,Ontario for a pending Human Rights Hearing against C A Stewart and her boyfriend Paul T Smith.

The Barrie paralegal,licensed by the LSUC, has filed several false allegations in the past and has many times abused and wasted the taxpayers money using the Barrie police and now the Ontario Provincial Police to manipulate her causes.

All allegations will be listed with the attending officers names, their field notes and any video if available and or the incident report that attaches to any and all Catherine Stewart's complaints, and will be listed in one complete post to give the reader a sense of the manipulation that goes on when her retired ex OPP boyfriend (and Private Investigator) Paul T Smith and the paralegal / property management company use the police to harass people engaged in litigation against her company or her landlord clients.

Barrie Police CruiserBarrie police officers Turner and Melanie Beard stood and watched as Catherine Stewart ordered Paul Robertson and his son Cody of Central Lock and Key of Barrie, to cut the security chain and enter 40 Ellen Street Barrie Ontario after being told she did not have the legal documents or the right to enter the unit and the tenants friend was inside, scared and confused as to the Barrie police witnessing the break in.

Barrie police officer Detective Steeles failed to investigate complaints of false evidence being entered into Civil proceedings and Human Rights Hearings by Catherine April Stewart and Paul Smith for the allegations against them in HRTO#17699-14. The Human Rights applicant had filed an Order during a proceeding with the HRTO when Paul Smith signed a Certificate of Service for his girlfriend, failed to have it stamped or received on file it at the North Toronto LTB office as a legal document, but Catherine Stewart enters it into Human Rights evidence, Civil Court evidence and the Privacy Commissioner complaints (discussed in full in upcoming posts).

Catherine A Stewart has the ability to claim "ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE" as a paralegal representing landlords only. She uses this privilege even when she is working in conflict with her property management company. The LSUC is about to receive a list of complaints from the ex tenant to review and decide if Catherine Stewart has been in conflict of interest and acted in ways unbecoming a paralegal of the Law Society of Upper Canada and we will be following all the complaints until dealt with. She has been using the police to harass the tenant further after she openly threatened to have him arrested on her website

Follow the and the Barrie police again doing nothing to stop the ongoing and now public harassment.: LANDLORD LEGAL WEBSITE – THREATS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS APPLICANT

Central lock and key enters unit illegallyThe tenant had filed LTB complaints against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal and Dykstra Bros Electric for the illegal entry and attempted illegal lock change but Catherine Stewart and Dykstra Bros Electric failed to show up after she sent another paralegal, named in upcoming posts, to state she was "OUT OF THE COUNTRY" for the September 2013 Landlord and tenant board hearing.


Read another interesting post her : LANDLORD LEGAL OF BARRIE DEALS IN BAD FAITH…DO NOT TRUST !


Catherine Stewart never has to prove she was out of the country or the other paralegal knowingly stated this, knowing it was false.The Law Society complaints for the illegal break ins were filed by the ex tenant and were dismissed August 2013 by David Cass of the LSUC when Stewart claimed there was ongoing litigation, which there was none, until she filed her vexatious civil cases against the tent Oct 2013.The upcoming LSUC complaints will be posted and comments will be turned on for some of the upcoming posts to get readers opinions on the abuse and manipulation going on in our legal system.Stewart has since been alleged to have entered false evidence, false testimony and tampered with Barrie Civil Court files.

These are just some of the allegations being asked to investigate when a property manager is a paralegal representing her landlord clients in all court rooms. Catherine Stewart is known to give seminars on how to use section s20 of the LTB Rules to enter and photograph a tenants unit amoung other topics she teaches landlords, other paralegals ,investors and realtors to manipulate the system.

Catherine Stewart does not allow any tenants to enter the building at 117 Bayfield Street, even though she claims to be a property manager. A tenant can not contact the property manager when she forbids contact or entry to her property management business she uses as her legal office as well. That tells you a lot of her intentions towards the tenants and the rental units she is suppose to be managing on behalf of these landlords.As a property manager and paralegal, Catherine Stewart should not have been allowed to represent many of the past LTB hearings she has participated in.We will be discussing the rules of procedures and the definition of a LANDLORD REPRESENTATIVE and a LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE and how this is used to manipulate the LTB board in Barrie in future posts.

The Landlord only advocate uses her paralegal status and the absolute privilege rule, which posts are to be released soon, for purposes of knowingly manipulating for her landlord clients and the Law Society has done nothing as of yet to investigate the conflict of interest and the true intentions of this 1 year CTI college participant after obtaining her paralegal license through them.One year of CTI and can say and do anything she wants as a property manager and still claim paralegal status, wow..thats a conflict of interest and strips any rights to the tenants under the LTB Act and the Human Rights Code.

The Canadian citizen who has taken a public stance, and became a TENANT ONLY ADVOCATE who is against the methods used by the self proclaimed LANDLORD ONLY ADVOCATE, Catherine April Stewart, who uses her pathetic paralegal status to manipulate the Barrie police, Barrie Civil Courts, Barrie Landlord and Tenant Board hearings, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario hearings, Privacy Commissioner of Canada investigation and now the Ontario Provincial Police.

Catherine Stewart of the paralegal firm Landlord Legal inc also owns Landlord Legal property management company at 117 Bayfield Street,Barrie, Ontario and she only represents landlord clients.

Catherine April Stewart is known to sign as C A Stewart when working as a paralegal licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Catherine Stewart is known to sign April Stewart for any documents in the LTB tribunals, Barrie Civil Courts,Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario as the property management company representing a landlord.

We will be discussing in upcoming posts, the Rules under the Business Act that pertain to misrepresentation of a business and the proper signing of your legal name to documents represented by an incorporated business.

We will be discussing in upcoming posts, the Law Society of Upper Canada Rules and their Policies concerning the registration of businesses that have a :CONFLICT OF INTEREST" with the paralegal license and businesses ran incorporated.

We will be discussing in full, the ethical paralegal method versus the well known Sharp Practice that has been commonly used in the Ontario court system wasting time, money and legal frustration.

** We will be posting and discussing all the Law Society of Upper Canada Rules of Conduct and the Rules of Procedures that ethical paralegals are supposed to know and follow when you are a licensed member representing the Law Society of Upper Canada.

For now take a look at this post here "PARALEGALS AND WHAT IS KNOWN AS SHARP PRACTICE" to get an idea why someone needs to take a stand and bring particular details to the public spotlight and attention.
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