Paralegal Business VS Property Manager Business

117 Bayfield Street Barrie Ont Sophia Development Corp – owned by Wendy Karas
The following series of posts will be discussing the rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada and private paralegals who work as a property manager at the same time.

Should a pathetic crooked paralegal be allowed to abuse the system working as a property manager who owes rights to tenants and a paralegal who does not owe any rights except to her landlord clients?

How can the Law Society of Upper Canada allow rights to be ignored by allowing such a person to work in both capacities.

They might as well let a judge be a police officer and a judge at the same time !! The LSUC rules that are in place governing these types of businesses will be discussed at length as will the LSUC complaints filed against Catherine Stewart AKA April Stewart when they are finally heard after the Human rights allegations filed in 2013, are dealt with in Toronto, April 2016.

Landlord Rights advocate April Stewart of Landlord Legal

April Stewart also known as Catherine April Stewart
April Stewart of Landlord legal is a well known Landlord Rights advocate and runs a small LANDLORD ONLY private property management company who works out of her Walter's Falls home and a tiny cubicle style office from a connecting corridor between two buildings, owned by Wendy Kara's of Sophia Development Corporation.The 2 buildings and offices are shared with an accounting company who has been known to be accepting legal documents on her legal firms behalf.

April Stewart is also known as coward Catherine April Stewart and known to work as a licensed Law Society of Upper Canada paralegal at the same time. Stewart became licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2006 and continues to use her legal paralegal authority to her landlord only practice advantage.April Stewart gave herself the pathetically SELF PROCLAIMED title of "The Terminator". April Stewart has been known to call herself an "EVICTION SPECIALIST". The LSUC has special rules for using such a title connected to her Legal firm and will be looking into the serious complaints of the "specialist" title she uses for her Landlord Legal property management business when complaints filed are finally heard.

April Stewart of Landlord Legal, has failed to show for illegal entry and illegal lock change allegations that the Barrie police stood by and witnessed on August 15th 2013. The Freedom of Information requests concerning the reports from officer Melanie Beard and officer Turner, the attending Barrie police officers, will be posted when the Human rights allegations against Stewart, Smith and the Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of the Dykstra Bros Electric company are dealt with in April 2016. Catherine A Stewart had filed the VEXATIOUS claims against Privacy Violators to further delay the Law Society of Upper Canada complaints filed by the ex tenant of Dykstra Bros Electric.

April Stewart as a small property manager is a publicly known LANDLORD ONLY ADVOCATE who has been known to break the rules of the Law Society on many occasions while working as a property manager for her Landlord only clients.

Landlord Legal closed the 44 Sykes Street, Meaford office after only one year after expanding her small Barrie office to the Meaford office. The owner of Landlord Legal failed to notify the human Rights tribunal of the office closing, knowing the address was on file for the Toronto Human Rights Tribunal Ontario allegations against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal, her boyfriend, ex OPP, Paul T Smith and her Dykstra Bros Electric Barrie clients, William Dykstra, Donald Dykstra and William (Bill) Dykstra.

The ex tenant has asked the LSUC to hear the complaints of the illegal break in and failing to show for the allegations and further failed to notify parties of her intent to NOT SHOW.

Stewart sends another paralegal in her place to lie for her in court, claiming she is "out of the country".

Stewart never has to prove these statements because she refused to show for the break in allegations after the officer's that witnessed the events were present at the September 2013 Landlord and Tenant Board hearing for her Dykstra Bros Electric clients, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra. Read the Human Rights allegations against her company HERE and the Barrie,

Dykstra Bros Electric, who are related to G Dykstra Electric of Barrie.

Disgraced Ex-Paralegal Diane Smith worked with C A Stewart and Landlord Legal in the past
Disgraced paralegal Diane Smith (shown at left) failed to show at the Law Society of Upper Canada hearing to determine if she was practising law in Barrie Ontario in 2013, without being properly licensed to do so by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Diane Smith has been known to work with Landlord legal property management prior to her being disbarred from the LSUC in 2013. Privacy Violators has received at least 5 emails from past tenants of Landlord legal with their stories of harassment from the Barrie ex paralegal, Diane Smith and Catherine Stewart, owner of Landlord Legal property management of Walter's Falls and the Meaford area.

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