Pathetic paralegals who file false documents and how they get away with it.

In this updated post we discuss how the pathetic coward Catherine April Stewart acts as a paralegal and property manager for Ralph Dykstra, Donald Dykstra and William Dykstra of the former Electrical company known as Dykstra Electric from Barrie, Ontario.

As the Dykstra's property manager, Catherine A Stewart, also a paralegal licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada, has a conflict of interest as stated in the LSUC Rules and Regulations when she disguises herself behind the property management company but in reality is the landlords paralegal.

The paralegal Catherine A Stewart also breaks other LSUC Rules and Regulations, breaches the Business Act and manipulates the LTB court system in Ontario by signing April Stewart to legal Court papers as a property manager when her legal name is Catherine April Stewart.

This property manager / paralegal is also well known for signing agreements in court as April Stewart and refusing to honor the agreements she makes on behalf of her Landlord Only Clients, after all she is a landlord only Rights what a joke !

The tenant is forced to waste their time and money and the Civil Courts time to retrieve Court Orders she had signed on behalf of the landlord client. She does not want you to know this so you will take the deal and move on not knowing it is going to cost you more time and money to retreive ANY order she signs illegally as the property manager when in reality she is a paralegal working for Slum Lord clients.

Paralegals like Catherine April Stewart who abuse the legal system hiding behind the property manager role and then switching to a paralegal role who gets away with entering false documents and false statements, like the evidence from her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith goes unchallenged because she claims it is in defense and pursuit of justice for her landlord clients.

Claims of illegal evidence being entered into HRTO 17699-14 against Catherine Stewart and her ex cop boyfriend never saw the motions put forth to the Human Rights Tribunal for the claims against them when she claimed "ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE" and claims it is for the defense of her clients which in this case was herself and Paul Smith of Walters Falls Ontario.

This piece of work paralegal thinks she has more rights than the rest of Ontario because she went to a CTI college for one year and paid about $15,000 to receive a paralegal license honored by the Law Society of Upper Canada and then gives her the right to lie, not show up, manipulate the system and enter false documents and statements from herself and her retired ex OPP boyfriend, process server, delivery boy, home inspector and witness to anything she says or thinks she can manipulate in her favor or her Landlord clients favor.

Don't be fooled by her Sharp Practice…she is committing illegal acts when entering this false evidence and testimony so many times in the past as well as manipulating the LTB board acting as a landlords property manager and paralegal.

Catherine Stewart also known as April Stewart of the Property management company Landlord Legal is not entitled to represent landlords in both capacities in LTB and does not fit the definition of "LANDLORD" under the LTB Act 2006 but uses "LANDLORD REPRESENTATIVE" on court documents and signs April Stewart to fool you. This is definitely a conflict of interest from this well know Landlord Rights Only Advocate who needs to manipulate the system in order to further her Landlord Rights campaign she runs from her website located here :

Notice their is NO inc (incorporated after this company name when she is acting as a property manager but soon switches to and signs Catherine April Stewart when she is acting as a paralegal for the landlords she represents.

The Law Society has Landlordlegal inc registered to Catherine Stewart but as a Sharp Practice paralegal in the Ontario Court System, Catherine Stewart is known to bend a lot of Rules and Regulations as will be put out for the public to view her and other paralegals tactics when they work around the system pretending to fight for Landlord Rights when in reality they are just manipulating the system, wasting courts time to retrieve orders she signs and fighting illegal and non existent evidence and statements she uses from her boyfriend, ex OPP officer Paul Smith who has been known as a process server, home inspector (not qualified) and Private investigator from 2013 to 2016 when this ex cop had no right claiming to be a private Investigator in the courts when he was not sanctioned or licensed by any company licensed for a private investigator firm in Ontario.Paul Smith has no business cards for himself but did produce a card from his girlfriends paralegal firm to which he wrote his name on it.. now that's a professional process server and home inspector,private investigator and ready made witness for you.

Manipulation of the system is all they do to win for Landlord Rights in Ontario, do not be fooled by their illegal tactics soon to be investigated by the Law Society and followed here on Privacy Violators with several other complaints we received from our readers with dates of complaints that were filed but never show up in this paralegals profile. Why is that ? Complaints, many have been filed but it shows none on Catherine Stewart's Law society profile, including the break and enter allegations David Cass dismissed without further investigation at all. The Law Society is hiding the truth behind Lawyers and paralegal complaints that have been filed and we will have further posts to bring this to the public's attention.

Between the property management company and signing April Stewart to LTB and other court documents to representing landlords as a paralegal under signing as Catherine Stewart, she has deceived the courts for over 15 years and needs to be investigated along with the false evidence and false testimony given from this Paul Smith acting as a private investigator when not licensed and being protected by his paralegal girlfriend when she says she is his paralegal.

My advice that I like to give the HATE email received concerning the conflict of interest and manipulation is go to school for one year at CTI college, pay the tuition and get your paralegal license so you to can fuck with our court system, manipulate the police and do and say anything believing it is in pursuit of justice.

The only justice served here is when the law Society revokes this paralegals license and we post their reports here on Privacy Violators website.

This paralegal has represented in civil cases when she stood before Judge Kalwosky and stated it was her first time to the April 2016 Human Rights Hearing where she represented herself, Paul Smith and the Dykstra Bros and stated on that day she did not know the Human Rights process and refused to continue until Toronto lawyer David Strashin showed up 2 1/2 hours late to the pre scheduled hearing delaying it and making the participants wait for his ass to show.

There are many details of the Human Rights cases filed against her that will be discussed and evidence, correspondence and other details will be brought to life for the general public to see how paralegals like Catherine Stewart are allowed to proceed in our Court System although clearly it is a conflict of interest with deliberate illegal intentions and whatever it takes for this Sharp Practice paralegal to manipulate, delay or alter a case with her false evidence and false testimony from her ex OPP officers private investigator claims and false testimony.

Paul Smith appeared on the witness stand for Stewart's landlord clients, Dykstra Bros Electric although he was not on the witness list and had nothing to do with any of the civil court claims she had filed. Typical when you are abusive of our court system and the Law Society members like David Cass dismiss legitimate complaints filed against her for the August 15th 2014 break and enter she ordered Paul Robertson of Central Lock and Key to perform while Barrie police officers Cst Beard and Cst Turner stood by and witnessed this and did nothing after telling her she did not have the paperwork or the right to enter…SHE IGNORED THEM ALSO AND PROCEEDED UNTIL THE TENANT ARRIVED HOME..then fled the scene with the Dykstras who were also present for the illegal entry.

This piece of work paralegal is also known to serve the tenant directly when they are represented by legal council which is also against the rules of the LSUC.No contact to clients when legal representation is known.

This property manager is known to send Do Not Trespass letters without any letterhead to intimidate opposing parties.Catherine Stewart is known to directly serve papers,warnings and other threats to the opposing party although they have legal representation, happened a couple of times including Paul Smith serving documents directly for his paralegal girlfriend when he himself is named in the HRTO 17699-14 and the HRTO did nothing about the suppose to be FAIR PROCESS..again BULLSHIT..FUCK YOU

The paralegal openly threatens the Human Rights applicant on her public website for her property management company during HRTO proceedings and they did nothing of the threats, the contact or the false statements or false evidence they submitted for HRTO 17699-14 & HRTO 16250-13.

The paralegal failed to show for the LTB hearing scheduled and Catherine Stewart was named in directly for the break and enter. She sent another paralegal in her place, who is named in another post to lie to the LTB courts saying Stewart was out of town September 2013 when the hearing was held.

Many of these posts have already been written over the last 3 years but the newer posts will have documents, statements and other facts uploaded for you to see what Catherine Stewart has been able to get away with for 15 years acting as a property manager, paralegal and her ex cop boyfriend claiming many times in past LTB cases to be a private investigator when in fact he was not licensed in that capacity but used this to his girlfriends advantage.

Every document, submission, email sent or received, HRTO correspondence from Mary truemner and anything related to the Hum,an rights and Civil cases this writer was involved in will be disclosed online so you can see the joke of a Court system and how the Law Society does noting to protect Canadian citizens from paralegals who have nothing to lose but a bit of money and one year of CTI training to become a paralegal in the province of Ontario.

We have recently become aware the OPP has and is wasting time money and police resources with complaints from ex OPP cop, pretend private investigator, process server and delivery boy for his paralegal girlfriend to try and stop the truth from exposing the reality of what they are doing in Landlord and Tenant Board and other courts they have been involved in.Fuck you. The public needs to know the truth !! Our Constitutional right to express ourselves and our opinions in publications such as this. Do your job and investigate the corruption in our legal system starting with the ex OPP officer she uses for her own gains for her landlord clients.

We have the right to post the truth and you should be looking into false statements and false evidence allegations and Smith falsely identifying himself as a private investigator to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Barrie Civil Courts, Human Rights Tribunal and to the Barrie police when he was not legal to act in this capacity instead of harassing a citizen for exercising his constitutional rights.

The Law Society Complaints are being worked on and as you can read with the many posts written here on Privacy Violators website, there is a lot of issues, conflicts,complaints and evidence to submit to the Canadian Communist party known as the Law Society of Upper Canada who has been well informed of the abuse going on in this court system and do nothing to stop it.

Why should they (LSUC) investigate conflict of interests and conduct unbecoming a paralegal, they are lawyers as well, regulating other lawyers and paralegals and to bring this to light will also diminish their rights to fuck with the system as well in pursuit of their clients they represent.The same thing in Human rights when Mary Truemner refused to here false evidence allegations when submitted by paralegal Catherine Stewart, David Strashin and Paul Smith for HRTO 17699-14 and HRTO 16250-13 (Dykstra)

ALL LIVES MATTER .. FUCK YOU..Truth is the only rights you have are the ones you are willing to defend yourself..the system is rigged.

Check out all the Human Rights "ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE" claims used on the Canlii website that keeps track of the hearings and decisions and then tell me we have rights in Ontario.

Also check out Ross vs Dykstra Bros Electric and Ross vs Stewart & Smith for further details to prove these claims I bring to the public to see what a joke the Human Rights process is in Communist Canada.