Slum lord Ralph Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric loses publication ban motion for his examination hearing

The July 18th 2013 Landlord and Tenant Board undertaking to return last months rent to the Dykstra Bros Electric corporations tenant at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario, upon vacancy, agreed to and signed by the Dykstra Bros representative, April Stewart of Landlord Legal, wasted a lot of time in the Barrie's civil courts to retrieve the funds they refused to pay.

Howard Tavroges
Howard Tavroges breaches client confidentiality.
The order was originally mediated by then Orillia Legal clinic paralegal, Howard Tavroges (shown on right ), for the tenant and April Stewart of Landlord Legal, for Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric corporation.

William Dykstra represented the three brothers when Ralph Dykstra failed to show, claiming he was babysitting his grand children. The judge told paralegal Catherine Stewart that any of the Dykstra brothers could have attended being they were a corporation.

Catherine Stewart stated William Dykstra was out of the country and Ralph Dykstra was babysitting his grand children and could not be present for the examination that was pre-scheduled for Ralph Dykstra. Howard Tavroges is alleged to have released confidential client information to paralegal C A Stewart while he was representing Landlord legal at Landlord and tenant Board hearings in barrie when she could not attend.

Howard Tavroges is the paralegal that made the agreement and then Stewart failed to honor the agreement Landlord Legal had signed on behalf of Dykstra Bros Electric corporation.

Read the Howard Tavroges client disclosure allegations HERE Catherine April Stewart as a paralegal, and the acting property manager for Dykstra Bros Electric corporation should not have been representing them in LTB when she was the property manager acting on their behalf interacting with the tenant. Landlord Legal ordered the Barrie, Central Lock and Key locksmiths, to cut a security chain to enter and attempt to change the locks after she had called the Barrie police on false pretenses to "keep the peace" while she entered illegally. Catherine-Stewart


The attending officers m Beard and Turner are quoted as stating to property manager, April Stewart :

you are not legal to enter ~ attending Barrie police to April Stewart of Landlord Legal

I've been doing this for 13 years and know my job ~ Stewart to attending Barrie police officers



All of the freedom of information requested for this incident will be posted on our website after the completion of the Human Rights allegations against Stewart, Dykstra and Paul Smith are dealt with.

The next scheduled hearing for the HRTO allegations is set for April 21st 2016 in Toronto.

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