Coward Catherine April Stewart – Landlord Legal Neglects to mention Human Rights allegation to Canada AM

Read the TENANT side of the story. Pathetically April Stewart, the owner of a small property management company and crooked paralegal service ran out of Barrie Ontario recently appeared August 27th 2016 on a popular morning news show of interest, Read More …

Pathetic paralegal, Catherine April Stewart of Landlord Legal fails to notify defendant again !

47-year-old April Stewart is known as the "Terminator" when it comes to evicting troublesome tenants. The founder of Landlord Legal has been working for 15 years, investigating landlord claims and representing them in court.

Although the coward of Catherine Stewart of Landlord legal Inc. is the "Plaintiff" in this case, she failed to show at the settlement conference this morning in front of Deputy Judge Stabile, to represent her claims against Your Pal Al website, instead sending another pathetic paralegal T Benny to represent her, claiming her client is out of the country and she is unable to attend the hearing and had alleged she sent a letter to the defendant February 20th 2014 stating so for this hearing date for the civil suit filed against her clients and scheduled for next Friday, March 14th 2014 at this same courthouse.

New Upper Law Society of Canada complaints against Catherine Stewart.

Law Society

Paralegals and Lawyers should not or should know NOT TO THREATEN parties they are involved in proceedings against with CRIMINAL ARREST, FURTHER LEGAL THREATS or any kind of threat meant to harm the other party or to delay, coerce or influence the proceedings they are involved in.