Tenant rights advocate warns the public and discusses tactics of the pathetic self proclaimed “terminator”, Catherine Stewart!

A tenant rights advocate has had many dealings with the Landlord and Tenant Board, Civil courts, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario,Privacy commissioner and the Law Society over the past three years. The tenant rights advocate speaks up online of the known tactics from paralegals and lawyers who deal in what is known as "SHARP PRACTICE" and frowned upon by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Sharp practice is the term given to lawyers and paralegals when knowingly they break laws, court rules and procedures, lie and pretty much do or say anything they want claiming, it is defense of their clients, or themselves, even knowingly submitting false testimony and false evidence to their court hearings, which is against the law.

The Law Society of Upper Canada is well aware of the increase in allegations of lawyers and paralegal, known to use Sharp Practice tactics and unbecoming methods to defend clients, or allegations against them personally.
The LSUC has continually neglected to investigate these complaints of the involved paralegals or lawyers.There has been a drastic increase in the number of complaints filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada accusing many registered Law Society members of such sharp practice methods and illegal actions, unbecoming a paralegal.
The Law Society has been known to turn a blind eye to sharp practice allegations filed with them to investigate !

Ask yourself these questions as you read some of the tactics used at the bottom of this post !!

  1. How do paralegals and lawyers get away with this "Sharp Practice" tactics in our court system ?
  2. Why should paralegals and lawyers get away with this "Sharp Practice" tactics in our court system ?
  3. What cost of Canadian tax dollars is spent for the intentional tactics used by these lawyers and paralegals?
  4. What is the effect of the court system with back logs of honest cases to be heard but delayed.?
  5. Who protects the Canadian citizens who put their trust in the law and the courts to protect them ?
  6. Why does the Law Society turn a blind eye to the LSUC members who commit sharp practice?
  7. How far does sharp practice and breaking the rules and regulations go in our Canadian courts?
  8. How many vexatious cases are filed and delayed, from Sharp Practice paralegals & lawyers?
  9. How much police time is wasted on false complaints filed by sharp practice paralegals and lawyers?
  10. How much of Police budget is wasted for the paralegals who file false complaints against opposing party?
  11. How much stress is put on the opposing parties when dealing with sharp practice paralegals and lawyers?
  12. How much money is wasted by the opposing parties when dealing with the known legal scumbags?

This post deals specifically with the known practices and interaction with several paralegals, lawyers, ex OPP officer, Barrie landlords and a civil court judge of which the writer had involvement with from 2013 – 2016.

  • Toronto Lawyer David Strashin
  • Disgraced paralegal Diana Smith barred from practicing law in Ontario
  • LTB paralegal Howard Tavroges discloses confidential client information to Stewart after signing LTB Order
  • Walters Falls paralegal, Catherine April Stewart accused of Sharp Practice tactics
  • Barrie Civil Court Judge Kalwoski
  • Barrie landlords Dykstra Bros Electric (Ralph,William,Donald Dykstra)

Barrie Court House* * Barrie Civil Judge Kalwoski breaks rules of the Justice act as a fair and impartial judge when he hears cases involving the retrieval of a LTB Order, and other additional motions involving SCC#1851-13 & SCC#1852-13 where he calls Catherine Stewart to his chambers during ongoing proceedings without the other party being present. It is suspected Judge Kalwosky had put personal notes in the court files to influence the outcome of the future Superior Civil Court proceedings !!


Diane Smith Paralegal -Barrie** Diana Smith was found to be practicing law under different names when she was not legally licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada to practice law in Ontario.Diane Smith sold her house and moved to Newmarket with her son to avoid future civil cases filed against her. She did not show for the allegations against her at LSUC hearings.

** Toronto lawyer David Strashin was aware of the false testimony, and false evidence allegations concerning his client, and friend paralegal, Catherine Stewart. Stewart had filed Human Rights evidence herself, well past the given date stated by the HRTO Registrar, Richard Hennessy for proceedings held in Toronto, Canada. (HRTO 16799-14 & HRTO#16250-13).

The late evidence was allowed into the proceedings as was David Strashin allowed to represent her, after Strashin and Stewart break HR rules of procedure, neglecting to properly notify the tribunal or the other party that he was her legal representative.

Evidence from the applicant was still delivered to the offices of Catherine Stewart, legal contact on file, when no evidence that Strashin was given that he was now the legal rep on file, as per the rules for contact information, to receive any evidence or documents pertaining to the hearings as far back as August of 2015.

The complete details of Toronto Human Rights lawyer, David Strashin, are discussed in the upcoming Human Rights conclusion postings.The new posts will bring up and disclose new facts discovered about Strashin after numerous emails were received and our investigation details of Strashin during the Human Rights hearings.

Catherine Stewart, her boyfriend Paul Smith and the Dykstra Bros used Toronto lawyer David Strashin, after claiming to the unfair mediator Mary Truemner, during the proceedings "I dont know this Human Rights stuff" and refused to proceed further until a 2 1/2 hour late Strashin finally showed for a scheduled hearing.

Dykstra Bros electric retired owner William dykstra

* William Dykstra (left) knowingly states lies on the stand for the Civil hearings he filed in attempts to shut down Privacy Violators website. William Dykstra had no knowledge of any business with the tenant business as his cowardly brother Ralph Dykstra was the only Dykstra brother to deal with the residential and commercial tenants.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWilliam Dykstra states in Barrie Civil courtroom…he did it to "hurt the tenant".

You can not trust a Dykstra to honor any deal they make,as proven with the LTB agreement he had Stewart sign on their behalf forcing litigation to retrieve the funds they owed the tenant.

Ralph Dykstra (right) did not appear on the stand for the civil but instead had William state lies. The transcripts from SCC#1852-13 will be published with his testimony discussed at full length.

The involvement of "Sharp Practice" goes deep into our court system involving Landlord and Tenant board hearings, Civil Court hearings and many Human Rights hearings here in Ontario, Canada.Sharp practice costs citizens thousands of dollars and many years of their life defending their legal cases only to lose to these legal scum bags. (my opinion)

Look up "Absolute Privilege" on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website here http://www.canlii.org/en/on/ and you will see what many lawyers and paralegals are doing and saying, regardless of the law or the rules of procedure for any court and you will see and understand why I am trying to warn the public and point out to the readers the methods used.

Many faithful readers are familiar with the Barrie landlords, Dykstra Bros Electric retired owners, Ralph Dykstra, William Dykstra and Donald Dykstra, all from Barrie, Ontario and mentioned in many of the Landlord & Tenant board posts here on Privacy Violators website, as well as the Human rights allegations a tenant had filed.

  • LTB #30421-13 hearing – Found guilty of discussing private tenant details with other tenants
  • LTB #33911-13 hearing – break & enter/illegal lock change – NO SHOW
  • LTB #31816-13 Privacy invasion allegations – 100's photos taken at tenants home prior to filing #32321-13
  • LTB #32321-13 – Attempted forced eviction after complaints filed against Dykstra Bros Electric slum lords
  • Civil #1546-13 – tenant files to retrieve money owed from LTB order Dykstra's signed but neglected to honor
  • Civil #1852-13 – Civil hearing to shut down Privacy Violators website- * Filed in WRONG court to do so !
  • HRTO #16250-13 – Human Rights allegations filed against Ralph,Donald and William Dykstra

A privacy breach involves improper or unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, retention or disposal of personal information.

Many posts are listed here on Privacy Violators website concerning Catherine A Stewart and her ex OPP officer over Landlord and Tenant board hearings, vexatious Civil Court proceedings filed and Human rights allegations brought up against the pair.

  • LTB #33911-13 – break & enter and illegal lock allegations against Catherine Stewart and her landlord clients
  • LTB #31816 – Over privacy invasion and 100's of photos of tenants home by ex OPP officer Paul Smith
  • LTB #1851-13 – Vexatious civil suit – paralegal Stewart files in wrong court to shut down Privacy Violators
  • LTB #1546-13 – Civil to retrieve order signed by Catherine Stewart for landlord clients and not honored
  • Privacy Commissioner complaints filed against Catherine Stewart over privacy invasion
  • Law Society complaints against Catherine Stewart for break in & illegal lock change attempts
  • HRTO # 17699-14 – Human rights allegations against ex OPP officer and his paralegal girlfriend
  • Upcoming Law Society complaints over false testimony,false evidence, contact against the rules and more !


Catherine Stewart has been known to do the following improper actions and infractions while working in both capacities as a paralegal and a paralegal.There are new complaints to the Law Society to investigate the conduct unbecoming a paralegal from complaints presently being filed by the ex tenant and the Human Rights applicant.


  1. Known to represent landlords illegally in LTB when not fit the definition of landlord under the LTB Act
  2. Known to use disgraced paralegal Diane Smith at LTB hearings to represent her management firm
  3. Known to use term "landlord representative" in LTB hearings NOT "legal representative" (manipulation)
  4. Operates as a paralegal business under the name Landlord Legal inc
  5. Allows accountant tenants at her small office 117 Bayfield Street,Barrie to accept unsecured legal documents
  6. Known to sign Catherine April Stewart when acting as a paralegal business (is her legal name)
  7. Known to serve standard No Contact and No Trespassing letters with no identifying letterhead
  8. Serves documents to opposing party directlyagainst the rules when they have legal representation
  9. Operates as a Barrie property manager under the name Landlord Legal (NO inc at end)
  10. Catherine Stewart is known to forcibly break into tenants home, while police watch and do nothing.
  11. Known to breach rules of the Business Act knowingly signing documents with wrong legal name
  12. Known to harass any opposing party with numerous false complaints to police
  13. Known to sign April Stewart as a Barrie property manager business – not legal name
  14. Known to knowingly sign and submit Human Rights documents as April Stewart – not legal name
  15. Known to use APRIL STEWART for LTB and then shift to paralegal CATHERINE STEWART
  16. Knowingly uses false name & signature when her legal name is CATHERINE APRIL STEWART
  17. Known to sign false affidavits for boyfriend Paul Smith testimony for her clients – has commissioner stamp
  18. Known to use ex OPP boyfriend's illegal private investigator & retired OPP police status to her advantage
  19. Stewart uses ex OPP Paul Smith private investigator status when he was not legal to work in that capacity
  20. Paul Smith is known to use PI license & status when he was not legal in that capacity for her business uses
  21. Catherine Stewart is known to submit legal document to HRTO allegations that did not exist at LTB
  22. Paul Smith files false documents when he claimed to file a "Certificate of service" that did not exist
  23. Ex OPP Paul Smith gives signed document "Certificate of Service" to Catherine Stewart instead of filing at LTB
  24. Paul Smith stated he was a process server for 10 years – should know how to file a legal document as a cop
  25. Paul Smith knowingly gave a false document for evidence to be used by C A Stewart in civil hearings
  26. Paul Smith gives false statements & non existent documents for Stewart's Privacy Commissioner complaints
  27. Paul Smith gives false testimony for Human Rights allegations against him (detailed documentation provided)
  28. Stewart knowingly submitted false testimony to the Privacy Commissioner, civil trials and the Human Rights
  29. Paralegal Catherine Stewart is known to not follow Civil Court Rules of procedure against other litigants
  30. Stewart known to not show up for Civil motions filed against her because of improper actions/document filings
  31. Known to go back chambers with Barrie Civil judge Kowalski during legal proceedings against same tenant
  32. Catherine Stewart is a Landlord Rights only advocate who knowingly violates other peoples rights
  33. Stewart is known to break rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada – Read NEW Law Society complaints
  34. Signs as April Stewart when working as a property manager for landlord & tenant rights hearings !
  35. Stewart is known to file vexatious lawsuits with no chance of recovery to delay Law society complaints
  36. Stewart is known to file vexatious suits to waste courts time, other parties money and time
  37. Known to file useless civil cases to delay Human rights proceedings filed against her
  38. Known to use absolute privilege defense to break the laws and rules to defend herself & landlord clients
  39. known to file vexatious lawsuits and claim matters were dealt with in another forum
  40. Catherine Stewart is known to refuse to pay court orders owed, issued and were agreed and signed by her.
  41. C A Stewart puts unrelated witnesses on witness list so they cannot be used in court against her elsewhere
  42. Known to use her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith to lie on the civil stand when he's not on the witness list
  43. C A Stewart Does Not Appear in court to answer for the break & enter Barrie police witnessed
  44. Stewart does illegal searches, uses her boyfriend, ex OPP, illegal PI services of Paul Smith to do it
  45. Photographs tenants units but does not use photographs in LTB court.Against the LTB rules and harassment.
  46. Known to consistently not to give disclosure evidence before hearings as per the rules, esp in Barrie LTB
  47. Known to harass ex tenants who file Human Rights claims against her company and her clients.
  48. Stewart is known to give lectures and courses with Paul Smith instructing on how to manipulate courts
  49. Stewart is known to teach Realtors and landlords to breach tenants rights deliberately
  50. Stewart teaches landlords and realtors to peek in the windows when tenant not home
  51. Known to issue many no trespass notices with no letterhead from Landlord Legal (will be uploaded for display)
  52. Has been known to break many rules and regulations of the Landlord and Tenant Board Act 2006
  53. Has been known to not give any disclosure or evidence to other tenants or parties at LTB
  54. Has been known to make false police calls for her benefit (ex: keep the peace while she breaks in)
  55. Has been known to refuse court summons for her ex OPP boyfriend Paul Smith to appear in court.
  56. Has other paralegal lie in court on her behalf to the LTB Judge when she stated "OUT OF THE COUNTRY"
  57. Puts boyfriend, ex cop on witness stand when he is completely unrelated to the hearings
  58. Puts boyfriend on the civil stand when he is not on the witness list ordered to be delivered to all parties
  59. Has been known to breach human Rights of tenant and manipulate the courts
  60. Catherine Stewart has been known not to show for allegations against herself or her legal firm
  61. Stewart has been known to file vexatious court cases to delay or state its been dealt with elsewhere
  62. Catherine Stewart has been known not to pay court orders issued for not showing in court
  63. Catherine Stewart has been known not to pay court orders for motions she lost in court.
  64. Stewart has received confidential client information from LTB paralegal Howard Tavroges
  65. Catherine Stewart uses her property management website to openly threaten HR applicant
  66. Stewart has been known to give confidential court contact information to police for her own purposes
  67. Stewart has been known to change court documents at the Barrie courthouse illegally
  68. Stewart has been known not to file documents properly and complicates court hearings deliberately
  69. Stewart has been known to use Toronto lawyer David Strashin to manipulate HRTO proceedings
  70. Stewart is known to file Human Rights evidence past the given date by Registrar,Richard Hennessey
  71. Stewart is known to harass Human Rights applicants who file allegations against her and her boyfriend.
  72. Catherine Stewart and ex OPP Paul Smith, are known to use the Barrie & OPP to harass the HR applicant

Not a complete list and will be expanded with the many posts waiting approval.

After reading the many methods known to be used by the Barrie paralegal Catherine Stewart, and her little property management company, to manipulate legal proceedings, you can see the deliberate delays and the intentional refusal to pay court orders issued to her directly or to her landlord clients, only deliberately causes additional back log of honest legal cases not being heard in our courts.

The intentional court delays and refusal to pay court orders ends up costing the opposing parties a great deal of money and personal time to deal with her tactics.

Go to school for one year and buy your paralegal license today and fuck with the law !