Upper Law Society of Canada refused to investigate legitimate tenant complaints


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Privacy-Violators blog has learned that complaints that had been previously filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada, against the owner of Landlord Legal inc, Catherine April Stewart, a P1 private paralegal, operating from offices in Meaford & Barrie Ontario, had continued to be ignored and not investigated though strenuously argued, with many documents submitted to support the complaints.

This is notCatherine Stewart the first time complaints against Catherine Stewart have been filed with the Upper Law Society of Canada by this ex tenant and they have not been investigated or documented at all. Nowhere can you find out information on HOW MANY TIMES they have investigated or have neglected to investigate legitimate complaints that have been filed against ANY lawyer or paralegal on their website.

** Previous complaint against Diane Smith, of Smith paralegal Services were investigated with the ULSC hearing finding Smith guilty.

When complaints were filed by a Barrie ex tenant last year, against Landlord Legal, Catherine Stewart, the owner had contacted the Law Society intake officer handling the complaint, David Cass, several times on the filed complaints, saying the matter is still in Landlord & Tenant tribunal or had been taken up with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and had already been dealt with.

ULSC intake officer David Cass dismissed the complaints the tenant had filed without investigating the facts. Another complaint was re filed and asked to be further investigated.

Though Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal had contacted David Cass several times, the Law Society's intake officer NEVER contacted the ex tenant on the matter except to send a letter dismissing the complaints.

Read ALL the letters and emails received from the Law Society of Canada's intake officer David Cass to the ex tenant and the tenants responses back to the Law Society on the complaints he had filed against this paralegal last year. Several other tenants have contacted the Privacy-Violators.com website to share similar complaints they have filed with the Law Society against this same paralegal but also not investigated.

The NEWEST COMPLAINTS that have been filed come from an August 15th 2013 incident where Landlord Legal or an agent acting on her behalf, allegedly had called the Barrie Police on a false report to "keep the peace" at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario. Read the attending Barrie Police Officers notes obtained from a Freedom of Information request from the ex tenant on the incident report.

The tenant claims Landlord Legal,Catherine Stewart had also called Central Lock and Key from Barrie Ontario, a mobile Central Lock-and Key Barrielocksmith to enter the unit at 40 Ellen Street, Barrie, Ontario and change the locks without any 24 hour intent to enter, eviction notice, sheriffs order or any other legal right to do so.

** Complaints were filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada against Catherine Stewart of Landlord Legal inc.

The rental property at 40 Ellen Street, is owned by Ralph Dykstra, Bill Dykstra and Don Dykstra, operating as Dykstra Bros Electric, to whom Stewart had been representing since May 13th 2013 and throughout all the Landlord & Tenant Board Tribunal hearings and the recent Small Claims proceedings Stewart SCC#1851-13 and Dykstra SCC#1852-13 have filed.

April Stewart attempted to withdraw her own civil case and Dykstra civil cases during Motions brought forth May 27th 2014 by the Barrie tenant to file a counter suit. A counter suit for $25,000 is being filed against April Stewart and her clients Dykstra Bros Electric.

The Settlement Conference is to be heard July 11th 2014 on the matter.

Their is no chance for a settlement on these issues and a hearing date will be asked for a judge to hear the matter.

We will continue to keep the updates coming as time prevails. There has been many details to add to our posts to bring everything up to date.

We have asked the complaints with the ULSC to go forward with new documentation being sent to further the investigations requested. Comments from the director about the requests will be published here. we look forward to following the ULSC and the hearings, which we will be present.