Walter’s Falls paralegal and husband file lies and false evidence in HRTO absolute privilege

Catherine Stewart, a Walter's Falls Ontario paralegal and her husband, Paul Smith, who had Human Rights allegations (HRTO#17699-14) filed against them for violating tenants rights in 2014 used the system to file false testimony and false evidence to circumvent the allegations. Walter's falls Ontario, home of Catherine stewart and Paul Smith April Stewart, self proclaimed Landlord rights advocate and Human Rights violator Catherine April Stewart, a licensed paralegal registered with the Law Society of Ontario, claims to be an eviction specialist and a landlord only advocate, but also runs a small property management company from a small cubicle office located at 117 Bayfield Street in Barrie Ontario. As a property management company,

Catherine Stewart refuses to allow any of the tenants she manages for her landlord only clients to enter her offices or to contact her over ANY tenant issues. A very strange rule for a legitimate property manager running a business representing clients to their tenants.

Catherine Stewart was present at a break and enter, ordered and committed by the paralegal, when she ordered a Barrie locksmith to enter a tenant's residence without the legal right to do so which was witnessed by Barrie police officer's Melanie Beard and officer Turner, who both refused to press charges against her when the tenant insisted they do so.

Read the police report from the officers and the many articles of violations that this paralegal commits, all in her self proclaimed status of being the "terminator". Being present and ordering the break and enter is another violation of the Law Society but the complaint that was filed in 2013 does not even appear anywhere on her profile to warn the public.


David Cass headed that complaint off and refused to hear it even though the police reports were submitted to the law society to prove the claims. Catherine Stewart is also known to use and sign the name April Stewart in the LTB hearings, which is not registered with the Law Society to practice law and then fails to honor any agreement she makes to make the tenant waste time and money going after the order she had agreed to and signed in the Landlord and tenant board.

Paralegals, according to the Law Society rules, are suppose to honor agreements they make in court which shows you what kind of paralegal Stewart really is when she states in LTB hearings, she is "a landlord representative" NOT LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE, as she does not fit the legal definition of a landlord in LTB and then signs a different name not registered with the law society and continuously fails to honor the agreements she makes. PUBLIC BEWARE !!

The tenant filed complaints in the LTB courts for the break and enter after he vacated the unit but Catherine Stewart lied to the courts on the hearing day when Stewart sent another paralegal friend claiming to "Be out of the country September 21st 2013". Witnesses can put Stewart in Meaford, Ontario when she was suppose to be in court to answer for the break and enter allegations. Catherine Stewart's husband, Paul Smith has been known to work for Stewart for over 10 years as a process server and other jobs his wife needed done for her property management company named landlord legal, including signing false documents for her to win cases for her landlord clients. Paul Smith, an alleged retired OPP that has never been proven has been known to act, not only in the capacity of a process server for his paralegal wife, but has been known to enter tenants units every time they plan to evict a tenant for her landlord only clients and completely photograph the tenants units before the eviction process begins in the LTB courts.

This photographing that Paul Smith does not only violates the Landlord and Tenant board rules but also violates the constitutional rights to privacy that is suppose to protect the tenants and their families. Paralegal Catherine Stewart's husband, Paul Smith has been known on several occasions to file false testimony and enter false evidence that is often signed by his paralegal wife or one of her friends in order to manipulate the courts.

When Catherine April Stewart of landlord legal enters this false testimony and false evidence, she is committing a crime, but gets away with it every time when she claims she has "ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE" as a paralegal to do so. Paul Smith has been known to illegally contact the Human Rights applicant during the time Smith and Stewart had been named in the Human Rights allegations and was presently before the Human Rights Tribunal in Toronto.

Although Paul Smith was directly named in the claim, he contacted the applicant directly which is against the law to harass a HRTO applicant and had made the applicant very concerned for his safety during the ongoing HRTO hearings. Smith has also been known on numerous occasions to use statements, issued and signed as a private investigator when Paul Smith was not legally licensed to perform as such in Ontario. This alleged ex OPP officer has never had to prove he was a OPP officer or his legal private investigator status that he uses for his paralegal wife's advantage in the Ontario courts.

Ex OPP officer Paul Smith works for Landlord Legal doing photpgraphed inspections.

Paul Smith even appeared on the stand as a witness in a civil case when he was not involved or even on the witness list that was given to the opposing party before the trial, as ordered by the judge hearing the case. This pair has continued to get away with their manipulative tactics because Stewart is a paralegal and claims absolute privilege when defending a landlord client or in this case, Stewart and Smith when they were directly named in the Human Rights allegations. There is definitely something wrong with our court system when a one year graduate gets a paralegal license and can lie, submit false evidence and continue to mock and manipulate the LTB boards and the the Ontario courts, all the while claiming to be a landlord rights advocate.

Many complaints have been filed with the Law Society over paralegal Catherine Stewart's conduct, false testimony and her entering false evidence into courts, which is illegal in our court system, but if you look at her profile in the Law Society it will not even show one complaint. The Law Society uses its employees like David Cass, to head off any complaints that do come before them.  

The Human Rights mediator hearing the allegations against Stewart and her husband for HRTO 16799-14, Mary Truemner stated in the courtroom that Stewart had definitely crossed the line and violated the tenants rights but had upset the applicant with some very ignorant comments in mediation and a very ridiculous proposal for a punishment that it made the applicant walk out of the hearing in disgust.

The Human Rights mediator hearing the case, Mary Truemner had stated Catherine Stewart was guilty and was suggesting that Stewart take an online Human Rights course and put up a Human Rights poster in her office as a remedy for her violations. This very ridiculous remedy and other aspects of the Human Rights process will be discussed in full for the public to see that the registrar Richard Hennessy and the entire HRTO process in Ontario is a joke.

The HRTO mediator, Mary Truemner refused to hear the false evidence and false statement claims brought up by the applicant although the proper paperwork was submitted to the tribunal. The evidence and witnesses were concrete and could without a doubt prove that Catherine Stewart and her husband Paul Smith submitted the false statements and evidence into the hearings to protect their reputations.

The entire HRTO hearing will be discussed and many of the documents put online to show the public what one year graduates for a paralegal license like Catherine Stewart, will do in our Ontario courts and how they get away with it. Many documents, statements, evidence submitted and emails received from the Human Rights tribunal of Ontario and the Law Society will be also be posted online to show what the Law Society does to protect paralegals and lawyers when legitimate complaints are filed with their office. New complaints against Stewart have been filed with the Law Society and we will post all communication, documents and emails received concerning the complaints to further educate the public on how they protect dirty paralegals as long as they pay their fees to the society.

You have to ask yourself why so many complaints that can be proven to be filed with them never get heard and never appear on their public profile that is accessible to the public.


We hope that by exposing paralegals like Catherine Stewart, on our website that it will help you understand what a joke our legal system is when you have a one year graduate of a technical college that can manipulate the courts, harass tenants endlessly and proclaim to be an eviction specialist who is a landlord rights advocate.

This paralegal has also been known to threaten the Human Rights applicant openly on her public website she uses to solicit business for her fake property management company while working as a paralegal. Check her website out here and notice her application process to screen applicants is by email only,

Please follow the upcoming Human Rights articles soon to be released to learn the truth about our court system in Ontario.It really is a friggin joke.