Walter’s Falls paralegal practices law under several names !

Catherine Stewart

Catherine April Stewart, a resident of Walter's Falls Ontario is a phony and pathetic self proclaimed advocator of Landlord ONLY rights and is known to practice law under several names and businesses.Stewart is also known to call herself the "terminator" when she attacks tenants in the LTB Hearings.Stewart is known to breach many rules of the LSUC to forward her career and her landlord cases including threatening a tenant who filed Human Rights allegations against her and her husband Paul Smith on her website, which is also against the LSUC Rules and Regulations.

Stewart owns and operates a phony property management company from 117 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario under the name Landlord legal but does not allow tenants to enter her office or contact her for any reason including emergencies !!


The phony property management company Catherine Stewart runs is from a small cubicle office surrounded by numerous accountants in a firm there, and the building is owned by Wendy Kara of Sophia development Corporation.These accountants have been known to receive confidential and private legal documents that were intended for her legal firms eyes only but has on numerous occasions received unprotected legal documents on her behalf when she operates her legal firm from her Walters Falls residence.

Stewart had closed her failing Meaford legal office last year after she neglected to inform the Civil courts and the Human Rights of the closure of her office that was on record to receive the legal files from Human Rights allegations brought up against Stewart, her husband Paul Smith and her landlord clients Dykstra Bros Electric.

Ralph Dykstra of Dykstra Bros ElectricDonald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric.William Dykstra


This fake self proclaimed advocator for landlord only rights has had many complaints filed with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) for her sharp practice methods of advocating including practicing law under several names.



The Law Society has so far protected the illegal actions of Stewart and has neglected to register ANY of the many complaints that have been filed with their office over many breaches of their own rules and rules of conduct with the courts Stewart has been accused and involved with directly.

Catherine April Stewart is the legal name registered at the LSUC for Stewart to practice law under, and the name of the business registered at the LSUC for her shady legal firm is Landlord legal inc.

Catherine Stewart has been practicing law at the LTB Board in Barrie, Meaford and numerous other cities across Ontario using the name April Stewart under the business name of landlord legal, when she represents her landlord  only clients. Under the Landlord and Tenact Act, Catherine Stewart does not fit the legal definition of Landlord but has been known to use the term legal representative when she acts as both property manager and paralegal for her LANDLORD ONLY CLIENTS.

Catherine April Stewart has been known to break many rules of the Law Society from breaching advertising rules set by the Law Society to harassment of tenants, illegal searches conducted by her husband who has been known to act as a Private Investigator illegally to entering false evidence when Stewart and her husband Paul Smith defended themselves against Human Rights allegations brought up by a past tenant.

Stewart and her husband Paul Smith submitted evidence into their Human Rights allegations that does not exist at the North Toronto Landlord and tenant North office, which Paul Smith signed and Stewart put her own commissioner stamp on it.

Entering FALSE evidence is a criminal act but the Barrie Police and Meaford Ontario Police, as corrupt as they are, did not and would not investigate the allegations that are easily proven. This is not the first time the pair has been alleged to have entered false statements and evidence as emails sent to us has shown the pair do this on a regular basis for Stewart's Landlord clients and have been getting away with it for years at the Landlord and Tenant board where she had represented her clients many times in the past. Stewart has been manipulating the Landlord and Tenant board where she has on numerous occasions threatened and harassed tenants when she was suppose to be the landlords property manager.

Stewart has been known on many occasions to use the information she gets as the property manager and use it against the tenants at the LTB hearings, Someone needs to step up to this fake Landlord rights advocate and get the Judge at the LTB to realize she is not legal to represent the landlords as a paralegal when she is acting as a property manager for her landlord only clients. She does not fit the LTB definition of a "landlord" at the board and it is against the LTB for her to gather information as a property manager and then use it against the tenant acting as a paralegal. Another tactic she uses frequently against tenants.

A question in an email came to us as to why the Orillia Legal clinic that supplies paralegals to tenants has not stepped up on this very legal point and put a stop to the manipulation Stewart uses in the LTB Hearings. The Orillia Legal Clinic did not respond to our emails when we asked them to answer 15 points regarding Catherine Stewart and her tactics at the hearings.

The LSUC has not responded to complaints put forward by at least 2 other tenants who have contacted us about Stewart complaints and had filed their complaints with the society and agreed to send us the initial complaints, all responses and what the LSUC did for them regarding some very serious ongoing issues against Catherine April Stewart.

Many complaints have gone against Stewart to the Law Society, including a beak and enter which Stewart herself ordered and participated in which violates another LSUC rule that lawyers and paralegals can not be part of or be present for ANY ILLEGAL ACT !!

Barrie Police Officers Turner and Melanie Beard had warned Stewart she had NO right or legal papers to enter a unit that Stewart ordered locksmiths to break into when she was present and the Barrie officers watched her do so until the tenant arrived. The corrupt police officers and this cowardly paralegal ALL left the scene. complaints to the sargent on duty at the police station that day towards the B & E and the officers lack of actions or charges against her went unanswered as did the false Private Investigator reports and illegal searches and photos that Paul Smith is doing for his wife, even recently. 

The pair are still harassing tenants in 2017 but now work out their Walters Falls home together. Subscribe and keep up with the new posts and be the first to read the complaints filed and the LSUC results.

A new post about the lack of protection the Law Society gives the public against crooked paralegals that manipulate our courts to further their own pockets, and their clients case and continually get away with it when the society does not investigate or record the complaints that are lodged against these alleged paralegals for the public to see the complaints.

All the Law Society of Upper Canada cares about is receiving their fees for the Lawyers and Paralegals to register with the Society and then they get protected for their corruption. The LSUC  has been in the news lately for the lack of public protection against Lawyers and paralegals who had over billed their clients. This is also discussed in our Law Society investigation and the new posts to be presented to warn the public.

The Law Society has failed the public thousands of times when it comes to protecting the public rights from its members including numerous complaints against Catherine Stewart of Meaford.!! The full lists of known complaints that were lodged and the LSUC responses and results are to be published the beginning of next month so the public can learn the truth behind the motives of the LSUC as stated by CBC news earlier this month.

Stewart has been known to make many deals under this name {April Stewart} and is now very well known NOT TO HONOR any agreements she makes with tenants only to have them take the matter into civil courts wasting their money and valuable court time for her purposes.

Stewart has also been known to harass Human Rights applicants when she complained to the Barrie police the tenant was showing up at the LTB hearings which is an open forum to anybody that wishes to go. The police or this lowlife paralegal do not have the right to harass ANY tenant that wish to go to ANY LTB hearing for ANY REASON ! The Barrie police have been well known to ignore basic Human Rights and Canadian citizens Constitutional Rights in the past in Barrie Ontario.

The corrupt Barrie police have harassed many tenants fore this ex OPP officer and his paralegal girlfriend but would not charge her for Break & enter, entering false statements, entering false documents or for harassing a human Rights applicant several times. Please read the many posts concerning this phony Landlord Rights advocate.

Stewart has also been known to break into tenants units while being present at the crime with the Barrie police witnessing the act and telling her she did not have the legal right to enter the unit to begin with.

Diane Smith paralegal services

Another disgraced paralegal Diane Smith, has also been known for practicing law under different names and businesses and is also well known to have worked for Catherine Stewart on numerous past hearings.

The LSUC found Diane Smith guilty and levied fines against her. Diane Smith sold her house on Masters drive in Barrie and fled to Newmarket, Ontario with her son instead of attending the LSUC hearing !! Smith is known to owe many clients money from illegally representing them in court.


Between the conflict of interest businesses Catherine April Stewart owns and runs with her husband, ex OPP officer Paul Smith (unproven statement by her) there has been numerous complaints to the LSUC over her legal practice and her submitting false testimony, statements and evidence from Paul Smith. Stewart has been known to use her Commissioner stamp to sign and authorize documents she submits from her husband when they pertain to her LTB hearings.

Under the LTB Act 2006 Stewart does NOT FIT the definition of a landlord and should not be practicing law representing her slum lord clients.Paul Smith has also been known to work illegally as a Private Investigator for this paralegal when he was not licensed to do so in Ontario. Many statements Paul Smith gave to the Privacy Commissioner, Civil Courts, LTB hearings and the Human Rights allegations has statements coming from him as a private investigator working for Stewart.

Stewart has been known to break many rules of the Law Society and Rules and regulations for paralegals and many Rules of Conduct courts and has gone as far as entering false evidence into the Human Rights allegations brought up against Catherine April Stewart, her husband Paul Smith, William Dykstra, Ralph Dykstra and Donald Dykstra of Dykstra Bros Electric of Barrie Ontario.

YOU CAN'T TRUST ANY DYKSTRA FROM BARRIE TO STAND BY THEIR AGREEMENTS .. read the many posts of William Dykstra false testimony and lies orchestrated by Catherine Stewart to manipulate the Barrie courts !!


Barrie policeStewart is also known for not paying court orders that have been given to her to pay when she failed to show or notify the courts on several occasions. Stewart had another paralegal lied at the LTB hearing she was accused of breaking & entering into a tenants unit while witnesses and the Barrie police watched. Paul Smith admitted to cowering behind a car when the tenant tried serving him legal documents to appear in LTB court for photographing his unit against the LTB Act 2006.Another crooked ex OPP cop that abuses the system for his paralegal girlfriend.

New complaints have been filed again against Catherine Stewart with the Law Society of Upper Canada who has been known to protect lawyers and paralegals when they break the law or even the rules set out by the society to govern the conduct of these one year graduates who receive a law degree from shady colleges in Ontario.

Privacy Violators will have the actual complaints posted live with all the responses from the governing body for lawyers and paralegals and will post all the comments and results from the many, many complaints.

Privacy Violators has received many emails and evidence that many other complaints have previously been filed against Catherine Stewart with the LSUC but there are no records of any of the complaints filed against her.

The writer had filed Break and Enter complaints against Stewart that were dismissed when David Cass, LSUC intake officer dismissed without reason or evidence in September 2013. David Cass is accused of protecting paralegals even though they violate the rules set out governing the conduct of paralegals and lawyers by the LSUC.

Catherine Stewart is another disgrace to the LSUC when she practices law under numerous names and knowingly and willingly signs and submits false statements and false evidence, in her own Human Rights allegations filed in 2014. Entering false evidence is a criminal offense as is break and enter. No paralegal is allowed to be present during an illegal act for any reason let alone be a party to it.

Read the many posts of the illegal activity done by this paralegal who practices under different names and businesses in and around Barrie, Ontario.

Corruption from this paralegal has to stop in our ONTARIO COURTS and be fully investigated by the Law Society, to protect the privacy violations and the many rights of the tenants Stewart attacks.

If no protection from the Barrie Police and the lack of protection from the LSUC, who is left to protect their rights and the constitution which was put in place to protect every ones rights.

Catherine Stewart thinks as a paralegal she can do anything and say anything and she will be protected by the Law Society, who is themselves corrupt, even when she commits illegal acts of Break & Enter and enters false testimony and false evidence that can easily be proven in any criminal court.

Why is the corrupt Barrie police department not investigating these illegal acts and protecting the public ?

Isn't that the Police officers job  ? or are we suppose to defend anyway we see fit and protect ourselves at all costs against crooked paralegals like Catherine Stewart ??.

Another question not being answered from the corrupt Law Society is why the numerous complaints filed against Lawyers and Paralegals are not recorded in their profiles with the actions taken or the reasons why actions were not taken by the Society in a clear and concise way. What does the Law Society do with all that money the get from the registered Lawyers and Paralegals who pay them to become members. The law Society themselves are all lawyers and do not care about the protection of the public which is well documented in the upcoming posts from our LSUC investigation.

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